Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In just two days, 2008 will be history and everyone will be partying like maddies to ursher in 2009. And I wonder why they are so excited about 2009 when recently there have been so many reports that 2009 will be a bearish year.

How have your 2008 been?

Mine has been a turbulence year.

But of course compared to those who suffered in the natural calamities, I am far more fortunate than them.

But judging from a urban professional standard, my 2008 has been challenging in all aspect of life. it has been a long uphill for me this year. At work, I experienced passion drought and was toying the idea of quitting my appointment. In terms of health, I have fallen ill so many times this year. I used to be MC free the whole year. Even my December period was plague by Sunny's erratic toilet behaviour, and that stressed me up greatly.

Do one grow wiser as one goes through trials?

As I aged, I get more fearful at this period of the year, crossing over to a new year. Somehow, having to face another year with the same mundane tasks at work send a chill in my spine.

Is it time to do some changes?

I was reading Anthony Yeo's weekly column, and he wrote:

" ... One can begin by learning to want what one has in life, instead of yearning to have what one wants.

People tend to strive for what they want and when they have it, they may not want it but something else.

This demands a spirit of gratitude for what one already has. Being grateful means appreciating what you have, making the most of and being contented with what you have, without envying others for what they have.

Then you can learn to live within your means, being mindful of saving for a rainy day without being consumed with the desire for more. ..."

Though I have seldom envy what others have and I have not, I must be appreciative to what I have and make the most out of what I have.

What about you?

What is your resolution for 2009?

Hope the coming 2009 will be one of good health and smooth sailing for all of us.


Wii-ing with friends

Wii-ing @ home with friends is fun.

This is the first time Adeline Wii @ my place. And judging from the hearty laughters all night, I am sure she had a whale of time.

It was great to see her cheerful self again. And I am glad that we all had fun that night.

We didn't do a lot of Yoga nor Aerobic excercises. We played the balancing games and it was fun for the player and all of us watching. Wii Fit is such a creative idea and it is suitable for the whole family.

The girls also created their own mii. Cool man! With Sunny and Wii, I am sure my friends will not find coming my home a bore.

Well, I hope they will come more often and have a lots of fun again.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Toilet Train

After the longest battle,
Sunny finally begins to pee on the pee pan again.
I've devised a scheme to train him to pee on the pee pan again,
( why didn't I think of this earlier?)
You see, Sunny doesn't pee when he is alone at home,
only when I return home, then he will pee.
So every time when I return home or when he just woke up,
I'll put him in his cage where the pee pan is. You see, he has to clear his bowel as he has hold it for the whole day.
I will wait till he pee on the pan then I will release him, praising him and rewarding him with treats.
I did this a couple of time, and soon he knows where to go when he needs to pee. Oh, I also put anti-slip mat below the pee pan so that it will not slide when he is peeing. I thought that was the reason why he stopped peeing on the pan in the first place.
Occasionally, Sunny stills pee on the floor,
I guess you can never have perfection in life.


Lately, weird things have been happening to me and one of the weirdest is that I started to snore. And everytime I snore, I will be awaken from my sleep. I no longer sleep anymore!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas for me is always spent with my group of friends. We have done this for the longest time, for the pass ten years I think. This year's celebration is at Siew Boon's home, a change from our usual Christmas haunt at Erinna's home.

Christmas will never be complete without food, drinks and gifts. This year, while everyone is cutting budget, I've spent more than a thousand dollars on Christmas presents.

When buying presents, my philosophy is to try to buy things the receipient will like. Of course it has to be something I like too. If I don't consider the recipient's liking, then my gift could be a white elephant or worse something useless to him or her.

I've received great gifts this year too. Especially love those bags which I recieved. Hmm... how my friend's understand that I am a sucker for nice bags.

Having said all the above, but I personally feel that Christmas goes beyond food, drinks and presents. Christmas isn't Christmas without our faith in Jesus. It is Jesus' love and grace for us that we are able to come together every December to celebrate together.

After you have achieve your milestones in life such as a good career, family and financial stability, what else do you look for in life?

Everyone needs a Faith and it is this Faith that will sail you through the storms in life. My greatest Christmas wish this year is for all my family members and my friends to come to know GOD in a very personal way the coming year.

May this Christmas be the beginning of enlightenment in your faith for you.

Merry Christmas and a meaningful and smooth sailing new year to you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Secret Sorrows

I want to share this quote which Siew Boon text me this morning:
"Every man has his secret sorrows,
which the world knows not;
not often times we call a man cold
when he is only sad."
Henry wadsworth Longfellow

It's a black Tuesday

Have you ever been so angry till you are shivering?

I just experienced it this morning.
I totally loose it, shivering and overwhelmed with acute anger!

I woke up slightly early as I had realised that Sunny did not poo last evening and he drank a lot of water before bed time and he did not empty his bowel.

The first thing I did was to release Sunny from his cage and then tried to put him on his pee pan to pee. He didn't.

I walked into the kitchen to prepare food for him and realise that he disappeared. I called out to him and he appeared again apparently from the room. I sensed something is wrong as his paws were wet. I quickly went into the bedroom and to my horror ( I kind of suspected that this would occur ) that he had peed on the bed.

I don't want to elaborate how I punished him for I not want someone from SPCA reading this and sue me for animal abuse.

I was late for my meeting having to clean up the mess.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Smell the flowers

Siew Boon always says take time to smell the flowers.

I guess I should take some time off now to smell the roses.

They do smell nice, very faint floral scent. It does relax me a little.

I pray to God that He will have mercy on me and make Sunny pee on the pee pan.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am not a Warrior but a Worrier

Sometimes, life is such an irony!

I have been trying to escape responsibility by avoiding having a family. I understand that I would not be capable of living a joyful life. "Mark" is supposed to mean "Warrior" biblically, but I am a Worrier instead. And it is because of this personality that will somehow swing my mood southward.

When Sunny came into my life, I worry so much and indeed, it was not a joy having Sunny in my life at all.
I worry whether he is itching too much.
I worry about whether he is too lonely at home being home alone so many hours in a day.
I worry about his skin allergy.
I worry about his peeing habit.
I simply worry about everything and it affects my mood.

Sunny is still peeing on the floor.
And now I am worrying about whether my loosing control of my temper will cause him to grow up emotionally unstable. So I heard about owner passing emotional problem to his pet dog.

You see, even I tried very hard telling myself not to get angry when Sunny pee on the floor, but once he does it, I totally loose control.
I scream at him, hit him, pull his ears, and scream at him again at the top of my voice. I bang things and my screaming at him will last for quite a long while. Then I ignore him.

I am loosing control of myself. It is causing too much stress to me. It is both not healthy for me and for Sunny too.

To me, it is really a hassle to clean up after him.
Once he pees on the floor, I have to:
- dry his paws first before he walks every where and stain the floor with his urine.
- remove the pee pan from the wet floor to clean the base as it gets soak in his urine. Sometimes I have to wash the pee pan.
- then I remove the newspapers which is soaked in his urine.
- after that I have to dry up the urine
- this will follow with mopping the floor with deltox
- then I will have to lay clean newspapers
- and then place back the pee pan on the clean newspapers

This process will take about 15 mins.

Sunny will pee at least three times a day.

This is so unproductive and all this could be avoided if only Sunny pees in the pee pan. Is God going to let this go on until I know how to control my temper? Or insanity or stress induced cancer going to get me first?

I am angry
I am an angry person

How long are you going to subdue me???

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am still ugly, maybe even uglier

It has been two months.
Sunny is still peeing on the floor.

I prayed to God that if that is His way to tame me,
then give me the patience and endurance to live up to Sunny.

I told myself many times to keep cool and just clean up the mess.
But each time, I will give Sunny really thunderous trashing and merciless beating when he pee at the wrong place.

I am just sick of cleaning up the floor, mopping the floor, wiping his pee stained paws. I find that the time wasted cleaning up could be voided.

In fact, Sunny has reduce his peeing frequency instead of peeing in the pee pan. He got it all wrong, I am angry with him peeing on the floor not him peeing.

For these two months, I have tried various ways to solve this problem. When I realised that he was not stepping onto the pee pan to pee, I bought another kind of pee pan hoping that the feel on the pee pan when Sunny step on it will be more comfortable for him. It didn't work.

I used newspapers instead of the pee pan but he also refused to step on the newspapers.

I did my best to solve the problem, even resort to cajoling him.

I failed.

Isn't it like that in life?

Sometimes, doing your best is just not good enough, it just don't solve the problem.

And what would you do then when face with situation like that?

I guess it will stress me out.
I just turn more ugly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I am a disappointment!

Right from the first day I was born,
I was destined to be a disappointment.

I was a disappointment to my parents,
I was a disappointment to my grandma,
I was a disappointment to my friends.

I will die a disappointment!

And I hate this destiny!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Eat that Frog

I remember as I stepped into December,
I told myself that I will blog more often.
It's three weeks into December and I am far
from active in blogging.

Isn't it always like that.
We always have constructive plan,
the only thing is that the action part is missing.

I once read a book entitled " Eat that Frog"
A book in which the author advocates constructive living.
And how is the frog involve here?

It's an anology which he uses.
He says if you have to eat a frog alive,
it's no point sitting the whole day looking at it.
Just eat it up!

And if you need to eat two frogs,
eat the uglier one first, then the
other one will be easier to swallow.

I thought that was quite cleverly put.

For the whole of December,
I was really busy shopping for Christmas presents.
Hmm ... I kind of enjoy going down Orchard Road
in a weekday. Ha Ha! a luxury for working slave like me.

This year has been one after many years which I did not go on a holiday abroad. It was suppose to be Osaka and that was cancelled due to Derrick's work commitment. Then the Bangkok trip was put off after a massive riot in the Bangkok International airport.

But I somehow enjoy the non-hectic days, doing nothing in particular.
Like I say, its a luxury for city dwellers like us.

Must savour whatever is remaining before 2009 begins.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beautiful Cool Morning

Love the weather these days.
Its so cooling and I could wake up late not having to
wake up early to get to work.
Today was exceptionally cooling.
It was drizzling when I woke up.
The morning sun which use to shine
its dazzling ray into my living room was
having a vacation today, behind the overcast.
The sunday morning was cool and peaceful.
And as I sat in my living room working on my laptop,
I can't help but fall in love with this season.
In Singapore, where it's hot and humid most part of the year,
a cool morning is something which I long for.
I love year end.
And there are many reasons for that.
For one, Christmas is just round the corner,
and it's the season of giving and thanks giving.
Then the nice cool weather is a nice change, and most of all
I get to rest a little from the hectic year.
I just love year end.

Erinna's & Derrick's Birthday Bash

We celebrated Erinna's and Derrick's Birthday.
Birthday is a time whereby we get together
to dine and chat and keep our friendship burning.
As we age, get together like this is really a time
to relax in each others company.
It was heartening that we have celebrated
many birthdays together. And hoping that
whatever happens, our friendship
will keep us together, and be each other's
support if needed.
Among us, there are some who worry a little more than
others, and there are some that have to
shoulder and keep the family going. Each of
us faces different life challenges and we have
seen and went through with each other as we
ride through life's ups and downs.
We are not born into the same family,
but we somehow, as life destined, ended up
as friends for many years.
I hope and pray that there will be many more
birthdays for us to come together.
And for now,
happy birthday
Erinna & Derrick

Christmas Setting

As Christmas season is just around the corner, I've changed the blog's background colour to more Christmasty to summon in Christmas.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Shopping Spree

This year's Christmas decoration theme at Orchard Road is " Sweet Christmas". You will find brightly lit hanging lamp in the shape of sweets hanging from the trees along the road. Giant cup cakes along the pavement of the busy Orchard Road decorated and lit up the Christmas spirit in the air.

Shopping now adays could be a chore for me. My waist would give in to the long hour of walking and give me a ache which will send me looking for a cafe to rest. I am sure my sedatory life style has much to play in my deteriorating physical form. It would be a good idea if I start my jogging again.

Adeline had a swell time shopping on this trip. She ultimately bought this dress that she tried just before the mall closed at eleven.
We then headed to Cine-leisure for supper at the Hong Kong style restaurant. The place is packed with young consumers. I suddenly felt so old in the place.
Christmas, a season of giving, could also add to the stress to shopping as we rush to get gifts for all our love ones and friends. Sometimes, even deciding what to get could be a headache. It would be wise if you start planning and shopping early to reduce the Christmas Shopping induced Stress.
Happy Christmas Shopping!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am Ugly

I still remember how stress I was when Sunny came into my life.

And it is happening again. And it really brings out the really ugly side of me.

When Sunny first came into the house as a baby. It was a stressful period for me as I have to clean up after him. We fenced him up in the living room, and he was yet to be toilet trained. Sometimes when I came home, I would find him soiled in his pool of poo. It took me 2 hours to bath him, dry him and clean up the hardened poo that stucked on the floor. I was mad, I would whacked him real hard.

It took us quite sometime to toilet train him. It was a relief for me when he finally knew how to pee on the pee pan.

Unfortunately, Sunny started to refuse to pee on the pee pan lately. And this is driving me mad again. Just yesterday, I tried for almost two hours to get him to pee on the newspapers in the utility room in vain. Knowing that it was not going to work, I took him downstairs for a walk, hoping that he would relieve himself. When we came back, he peed on the floor.

I was so infuriated that I slapped him so hard that when I raised my hand a second time, he was shivering with fear.

And this morning, I've woken up by him at four plus in the morning to clean up his pee on the floor.

Sunny showed me once again that I am not a patient person. In fact, I find myself easily angered and when I am, the really ugly side of me comes out.

Is Sunny the God's way of taming me?

I just hope I don't grow to hate Sunny. Sometimes its just so inevitable. I came to realise that this was what happened to me when I was a kid. My parents didn't hate me from the start. It just happened. When they realised that I did not grow to be attached to them like I should being their son, they slowly grew to "not love" me. ( hate would be too strong a word )

I've accepted it and have not bear any grudges against them. I used to when I was young. I blamed them for not providing a loving environment for me in my growing years. Not anymore, cos I know that it was certainly not their intention to "loose" a son, at least in the emotional way.

However this realisation has not drawn me closer to my father.
It is hard. I am so programmed to shut myself out from him emotionally.
Sad? It is just part of the harsh reality we have to face.

As for Sunny, I hope it wouldn't turn out this way.

I will continue to say my prayers.

"God, please grant me the ability to toilet train Sunny."

It's not a prayer, It's a SOS.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Its worse than a dog's life

It has been a long time since I last blogged in my blog
Year end is always my peak period.
There's reports to write,
workplan for new year to consider,
and staff retreat to plan,
and all these come all at once.

I constantly remind myself what the coffee aunty
had advised me, which I blogged about sometime back.
I should be contented with a good job and an abled body.

And really want to thank God for his grace
at this period. I have been so distanced from Him
but yet he answered my prayers.

Friday, November 14, 2008






Sunday, November 9, 2008












Thursday, November 6, 2008



从7 Eleven买的麻酱面,




Sunday, November 2, 2008











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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Coffin

This was such a disappointment!
If you ask me out of five stars, how many stars would I award, I would say half a star. No, don't even watch the movie, save the $9.50 for something else, like a good meal.

The plot was really weak and I wasn't even sure, after watching the whole movie, why did the Ghost haunt the male lead. The pace of the whole movie was a slow drag and the tempo was just not there to lift up the eerie feeling. And the scare technique used by the director was not shocking enough. Karen Mok's performance here pale in comparison to Li xinJie and Shu Qi in The Eye and Eye 2 respectively.

I almost fell asleep watching the movie, and no I wasn't imagining I was in a coffin.
This Raintree production is such a let down.
And sorry Siew Boon, I watched it without you but that would mean you saved $9.50.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


起个清早,享受清晰的空气 和一顿丰富的早餐,






Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shimbashi Soba @ Paragon basement

Call me “Sua Gu”
I really didn’t know that the basement of Paragon has had a “facelift”
So many eateries there now.

Well, I had dinner at Shimbashi Soba the other night.
The restaurant is well known for their Soba.
Indeed, it was tasty and the soba texture was just nice.
The soup base was also delicious.

I ordered the soba set, it was quite filling for me.

I also ordered the desert, man! It was really good.
Brought back memories of Japan.
If you are a fan of everything Japanese, you must not miss this.
For about $14, you get savour 6 different kinds of Japanese desert.
“Sugoyi Yo!”

Shades of Funkiness

I was window shopping with no intention of getting anything. But at the end of the afternoon, I bought this pair of shades. Ha! Ha! Is it too loud? This is my first pair of funky shades.

It is difficult for me to buy shades as I have a broad face. Most of the shades are too small for me. When I was trying this one, it sort of fits and it has this refreshing look. Buying it for my Osaka trip this winter, nobody would take notice of me there as Japanese is well known for being trendy.

What is this compare to their creative dressing style?

Friday, October 17, 2008




Soon Soon Huat Seafood Restaurant
Block 94 Henderson Road

(因为已过了晚餐时间) ,

“虾酱鸡”和 “炸豆腐”

注意, 听说用餐时间常常爆满,
你可要避免 peak hours 哟!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A lesson on the road

We were on our way to meet Adeline to catch Mama Mia. We were on PIE and I was telling Siew Boon that sometimes, when I am too engross in thought, I would miss the exit to city and I have to go a longer way, passing through umpteen traffic lights before I reach my intended destination. It is such a waste of time and effort and it normally generates lots of frustration.

Siew Boon gave me an instant reply which started me reflecting, " what if along the way you enjoy the scenery or discover something interesting?"

That's a very refreshing perspective.

Many a time, when we make an error we tend to get frustrated, missing the unexpected little blessings that might turn up.

No, I didn't miss the exit to city this time, but I certainly learn an important lesson in life - Ride through life obstacles and keep an open heart for little blessings that might turn up when you least expected!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The movie "Mirrors" is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

I mean, man! it is so gross and bloody.

The first act has this man slid his own throat. And if you think that is bad, there is another scene where this lady tore off her own jaw. I had my hands all over my eyes.

This remake of the Korean version of "Into the Mirror" is nothing like the original. The Korean version's success lies on the eerie and creepy mood that capture the audiences' attention. Whereas for the Hollywood remake, I was too traumatized by the nerve racking scenes.

If you think I am exaggerating, go google youtube for the Mirrors trailer and you will get a glimpse of the hair raising scenes. Look for the jaw ripping scene.

Be warned, it is not for the faint hearted.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Instant noodle - slurp!

Suddenly, feel the urge of having a bowl of hot steamy luncheon meat instant noodle with egg. Yummy! Instant noodle is always my favourite, though I know the fact that consuming too much is actually not healthy at all. So, trying to convince myself that I am not taking it that so often anyway, so what's an occasional indulgent going to hurt right? I hope I am right.

Cooking instant noodle is a skill. The noodle has to be cooked to the just right texture and the egg should be half boiled.
Firstly, bring the water to boil and add noodle. Wait for the water to boil again and when you see the noodle is about almost cooked, lift the pot off the fire. Drained off the hot water and put the noodle under running water. Rinse it a couple of time. Then boil another pot of water. When the water boil, off the fire, add in the ingredient sachets and dissolve them. Add noodle back into the soup and break an egg into the pot. Cover the pot and let it stay for about 7 min. Serve the content into a bowl and add luncheon meat and garnishing.

Tada! here you go, a bowl of hot steamy luncheon meat instant noodle with egg.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wii Sweat

I am not showing off my body, but just to prove a point that that's how much perspiration I had after just 15 min of playing Wii sport - boxing.

I have got the Wii for a couple of months now but only just two days ago that I discover that playing the boxing could be such a good workout.

I played three games of three rounds and played it like I was doing real boxing. I threw punches at my digital opponent, darted his punches and of course skipping all the while. This caused my heart to palpitate and in no time, I was soaking in my own sweat.

Just the other day, my colleague Jeff was telling us that the major cause for heart failure is an inactive lifestyle. I hope all the punches throwing will at least take me off the list of victims of heart failure.

The next game I'm going to get is Wii - Fit, the Yoga excercise.

Making Faces

I got this idea from Leon's blog.
Do check out his blog entitled "L shape Window"
He is such a creative guy and it was
such an ingenious idea that I can't help it
but gave it a go myself too.

Putting my face pics together gave me
an avenue to see for myself the inevitable result
of aging.
Thinning scalp!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Tasty Prawn Mee
Blk 94, Henderson Road
Meeting Place Coffee Shop

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excuse me, are you a model?

I was in the library yesterday and stumbled upon this book. For those who don't know who Bonny Hicks was, you are probably young, gorgeous and at your prime now.

This book was published in 1990. That's almost two decades ago.

When they launched this book, someone from my varsity invited her to our faculty to talk about her book. It was such a Hoo-Haa then. She was only 21 then. It is a pity that she did not survive the plane crash a couple of years ago.

I borrowed the book as I was curious about what she had written about. My intuitive self reckoned that there must be interesting juicy stuff to read about. She appeared to be rather matured in her writing for a person her age. Perhaps the fashion industry had hastened her development. I personally felt she was really courageous to reveal her love life and her intimacy with various men. On the whole, my personal take is that she was candid and real in her biography.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A perfect angle

This is my first Barbie and I bought it for my photography practise.

I shot her at many angles and to me, this is her best.

A perfect angle.

Isn't it the same for us too. There will be many facets of us. When others look at us, some see the worst of us and the chemistry instantly disappear. While others, see our nicer angles and we became their friends. What will make treasured relationships are those that see our flawed angles and yet accept us as we are. These are our Angels in our life.

Everyone of us has our Angels. I am blessed to have many despite my so many shortcomings.

Do you know who your Angels are?

Have you tell them so?

Perhaps we should take time now to bless these Angels of our life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to reflection

In our life, we walk many roads.
Each experience will only make us wiser, and this can only happen if we reflect on our journey in life.
Contrary to the common belief that as one gets olders, one gets wiser. Wisdom only comes about when one constantly look inwardly into oneself.
Wherever we are now, whichever road we are taking now, let every pit stop be one of meaningful reflection and learning. As we step forth and continue our journey in life, we can only get wiser, and not otherwise, if reflection is our constant companion.

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...