Monday, June 28, 2010


Have you ever think of death?

I've always been thinking about what will happen to my soul when I pass on.

I'm afraid of death, perhaps I am not certain whether I'll fall short of God's grace.

Just a few days ago, I was in the tour bus in Beijing and suddenly, the thought of an ex-colleague came into my mind. I've not contacted her for a long time and her jovial and cheerful self just appeared so vividly in my memory. On Sunday, I received an SMS that this ex-colleague has pass away.

It came as a shock certainly. We were rather good friends then. Now she has departed, leaving her husband and three young children.

It just dawn on me that we are so vulnerable, I'm already pass my half time in this world. As each day passes, I'm a little closer to the uncertainty of after life.

I guess what I could do now is to lead a purposeful life... And pray for God's grace.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday breakfast

After half a month of travelling in China, I'm finally back. Honestly, thinking of chinese food now will make me lose my appetite.
I prepared breakfast this morning. Sandwich, salad and a cuppa coffee.
Life can be so simple yet such simplicity brings happiness.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

1st attempt to make love

Trying to make a heart shape on my latte for the first time. Hmm it certainly didn't look like a heart shape. Why does it look like to you?

Saturday, June 19, 2010


We stumbled onto a five storey Barbie showroom in Shanghai.
We found ourselves looking at some really beautiful Barbies, here are some of them:

Pink Shorts

I was in Shanghai and I managed to get this pink shorts tailored.

Does it look the same as the following?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shangrila Monestry

Sonma and I on the way to 松赞林寺

Sonma against the 松赞林寺

As I stepped out of my Banyan Tree Hotel room which is a Tibetian house. The sky was so crystal blue that each fluffy cloud was so distinct against the blue background.

It was still chilly in the morning, we were scheduled to visit the largest Buddhist monestry in Yunan Province, 松赞林寺.

We were greeted by our really hospitable guide Sonma, though almost 50 she's still very strong and agile. She spoke English and explained every details to us from the names of various flowers growing along the road to the very profound history of buddhism.

 I could sensed she has contentment in her heart. When I asked her whether she like shangrila, which in Tibetian means heaven paradise, she replied, " Shangrila is in our heart, only when we feel peace and contentment in our heart, we will not have shangrila."

So, do you have Shangrila?

Sonma brought us to her friend's house, a traditional Tibetian house, to have afternoon tea

Butter tea and tibetian bread

A traditional Tibetian house will house the human on the second level and their flocks on the first level.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finding the lost horizon

I'm having breakfast now and will be setting off to Shangrila in 15 min time.

I enjoyed my stay at Banyan Tree Lijiang, and of course it comes with a huge price tag.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holidaying at Banyang Tree Lijiang

I'm now in Lijiang China. Banyang Tree is a place that really pampers the guests and I love being pampered. Will upload more pictures when I return to Singapore

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miracle of Nature

It's amazing how nature works.
Just a span of one day, I could see the little passion fruit developing in the flower.
It's so tiny now but in a few days time, it's going to become a delicious and refreshing fruit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Violet Man

We bought this painting at Bangkok.
It is named "Violet Man" by the painter.
As we walked along the alleys of Chachuchak market, snaking pass the compartments of shops selling pieces of art, Violet Man captured my attention amidst the roles and roles of paintings.

It was priced at Thai Baht $18 000, but we managed to bring the price down to Thai Baht $8 500. The painter seems eager to sell it, and from the layer of dust and insect eggs and droppings, it must have been there for a long time.

Art is very personal and how much it is priced lies in the heart of the beholder. To some, Thai Baht $8500 is too much for this painting by an unknown painter, to others it could be a bargained for a painting that size.

I just love the way the artist painted the man with just shades of black and white. 

Durian Durian

Have you tasted Goodwood Hotel's durian puff?
If you have not, please make it your priority now to at least try it.
Just look at how it look.
So much durian in between to fluffy crust.

And the durian, mm... so rich but not too overbearing.
The texture is smooth too and it is so generous in its serving.

Thanks to an old friend who bought it for me.

Passion Flower

Have you ever seen a passion fruit flower?
It's my first time too.
When I was looking at the passion fruit plant at my garden, I realized that something white and unusual was sitting on the leaves of the passion fruit plant.

The last time when we realized that the plant had bare fruit, we didn't even notice any flowers prior to that.

When we are too busy and bury ourselve in work or other mundane things, we might fail to observe the marvel of life.

I wonder whether this flower will bear fruit?
I really would love to taste another passion fruit from my garden.

Take a closer look at the flower.
I wonder which part will turn into the fruit?

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