Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Onion soup

2nd day in a row that I'm having onion soup.

This time round at Big Fish Seafood Grill at East Coast Road.

It came in a very shallow bowl, more like a plate, and believe me, it's really shallow.

It's tasty but just a few mouthful, I was already feeling thirsty. Could be the MSG in it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Onion soup

This onion soup was so different from the onion soup we had in France.

This one was much less salty, it tasted like a bowl of onion goodness.

Not at all salty but still really tasty. I wasn't thirsty after drinking it.

Thumbs up for it.

Fried brown rice

For lunch, I ordered fried brown rice.


First time I have fried brown rice. It was mildly tasty, from the ingredients rather than heavy seasoning. It was fried with cubes of capsicum, pineapple and ... I can't remember.

I felt so guiltless, having eaten such healthy meal.


I went to this vegetarian eatery at Central Clark Quay, basement 1 this afternoon for lunch. The place was tastefully done up. It was painted white and furnish with wooden furniture.

The food was fantastic. They serve fusion food and seems really healthy, judging from the ingredients they used.

Siew Boon will definitely love it, the ambience, the music, the food, everything.


Thank God!

My kindle has resurrected, yippee!!!

Thanks to Jessie's power cable, it resurrected my kindle and gave it life back. Now, I've to buy another power cable.

Really, praise the Lord!

The fig loaf

The papers ran a write up on The French Bakery at East Coast Road. The writer recommended the fig loaf.
Ever since, the loaves are flying off the shelves n the bakers could not keep up with the demand.

When I was there at 1, literally the shelves were empty. The lady at the counter suggested we place an order and go back to pick them up at 5.

I ordered two loaves of fig loaf. Gave one to Siew Boon and she told me this morning her mum loves it. I personally found it just average. The fig not strong enough and would prefer the texture softer.

Salted veggie duck soup

I love this soup which Siew Boon prepared for dinner at her place.
Not too salty but enough to bring out rthe taste of the salted veggie. I personally like it just a little more salty but it was good enough.
Siew Boon was saying that something was lacking in the soup.

She can be so perfectionist.

Japanese curry

I gave Siew Boon the packet of Japanese curry I bought from Japan and the recipe Rika gave me for Japanese curry.

It was successful and went very well with rice.

Tomato fry egg

Tried cooking this simple dish again.

But this time round, I google YouTube for a demo first and learnt from a china produced cooking programme.

I cooked this dish at Siew Boons place and was taken aback when she said she did not have any sugar or salt in her house.

In any case, the dish turned out ok, the best of all my attempts.


Discover a Eatery at Joo Chiat Road selling Taiwanese food.
The 卤肉饭 (stewed pork rice) was fragrant and tasty At least I found a place in Singapore selling 卤肉饭 which I love.
But for close to S$10, it's a bit pricy for a small bowl.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Killed by a dog

Sunny is smart.

Do you ever guess that he could unzipped a bag.

I left my bag on the floor, he ransacked my bag and found my little pouch where I kept my cables and charger.
He unzipped it, and chewed on my kindle power cable. I spotted him and stopped him but he already made a cut on the cable.
I wanted to test whether the cable could still charge my kindle but to my horror, my kindle got hanged. I can't reboot it, or anything.
It's lifeless now.

Sob, sob. My poor four month old kindle, died of a freak accident.
Murdered by a dog!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Martin Soong, 51
News Anchor CNBC

"it's ok that you didn't change the world, start a revolution, or invent the best thing since sliced bread. It's ok if you don't end up ruling the world. You learn that sometimes 'good enough' , is good enough. "

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Long lost photo

Does this look like a photo from the sixties?
I love iPhone and its apps.


I found a solution to preventing Sunny from peeing on the floor in the living room.

The solution is a very simple one.

Leave his pee pan in the living room.



I can confidently say that my aunt makes the best 鸡蛋糕 in Singapore.

However, she's closing her bakery due to old age.

I brought some 鸡蛋糕 to my office and colleagues who are my age group really appreciate them.

I'm glad that the 鸡蛋糕 were given to my colleagues as well as their parents and grandparents who said that such superior quality 鸡蛋糕 are hard to find in Singapore nowadays.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


What I don't know had become of Sunny lately.

He has been peeing on the floor on the laminated flooring of the living room instead of his pee pan. I scolded him and whipped him with a belt on his backside, hopefully he will get the message.

Bad Sunny! Guilty look!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Penang 5-7 Aug Part 4

Vibrant colours along the streets of Penang

Penang 5-7 Aug Part 3

Yam cake that's soft yet rich in taste

Fried oyster egg with oysters so huge and juicy

Hainanese fried spring rolls from a restaurant at Batu Ferringi known as the Beach Corner

Do Miao that's fried to the right texture - crunchy and springy

Bean sprouts, a simple but difficult to master dish but the restaurant managed to do it just right

These are some of the Penang delicacies I ate this time in Penang.

They are simple food but really taste fabulous.

Penang 5-7 Aug Part 2

Friends we met over at Penang

Penang 5-7 Aug Part 1

These are the friends I went Penang with.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Testing this collagen eye pack which Derrick bought from Korea.
It's like putting two jelly underneath the eyes.

Blinded by vanity, see how we could be easily fooled to part with our money.

Bad hair day?

I think it's more of letting her hair down or is it wild?


In August, the birthday month of Singapore, all museums entry are free to The citizens, with the exception of the Art and Science museum at MBS.
Go during weekday, otherwise expect a queue on weekends.

Bus ticket

It has been a long long time since I hold a bus ticket in this form.
It our modern city where everything goes electronic, bus ticket is something of the past.
Taking public transport in Penang allowed me a chance to relive the past.
In fact, Penang gives me a sense of nostalgia, it shouts the 70s!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore

Thumbs up Singapore!
May there be peace and harmony
In the garden city as she progress steadily.
Happy Birthday, Lion City!

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