Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aaron's Fan

I became Aaron's fan only when I got to know my ex-colleague, Debbie, who was an ardent fan of Aaron.
She was the president of Aaron Fan Club then, think in the late '90s.

She started introducing me to Aaron and told me lots about him. I realised that he worked very hard for his success and though his voice is not angelic, his excellence showmanship make up for what he lacks in vocal.

When I was in Vivo city last month, I realised a Aaron Kwok's concert poster outside the Crocodile shop. Crocodile was giving away VIP ticket for every $250 spent. Needless to say, we bagged home with $500 worth of crocodile products and got a pair of VIP tickets.

It was my first time going to a concert with the most expensive seat. I was thrilled! This was perhaps going to be the first time I was going to be so close to Aaron Kwok. I couldn't believe it.

And believe me, on the concert nite, I was just an arm's length, maybe two, from him.

See more update on Aaron's concert.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

11th Birthday Gift

This should be my last birthday gift, I suppose.
It's really a cute magnet.
I hope I can keep my body parts as good as it was for as long as possible.
I have to really face reality that I am aging and I have really to put in effort to maintain my health condition. Yesterday, just found out I put on another 2 kg. Like the stock market, my weight has reached 43 year high of 71.5kg.
Oh My God!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 and half Birthday Gift

This is my 10 and half birthday gift.


I swopped the Havana slippers for this NUM singlet.

Always wanted to have one of these singlets but couldn't convince myself to part $70 for it.

So, this singlet now cost me $37 +

10th Birthday Gift

I met up with one of my very close friends, Colin, this week.
He was my roommate during varsity days, the only one who could accept my idiosyncracies and embrace me as his friend.

He gave me a box of CDs. Love the Classic Jazz, the one with the red cover. Oldies sang in Jazz, soothing and nostalgic.

There is another CD which he dubbed for me. Very nice Chinese oldies and sang in a lovely female vocal. I got to get the CD, unfortunately he couldn't remember the title of the the CD. Got to excuse him for his hopelessness in Mandarin, unbelievebly that his mother was a Chinese teacher. The only clue he gave was that it was bought from gramaphone and the cover is in green and black.

9th Birthday Gift

My colleague Ramlah who was on sebatical leave came back in the beginning of this week. She returned with a birthday gift for me too. She's always very 客气.
Hmm, never expect to recieve gifts two weeks after my birthday. And this is not the only belated gift.
Life is just full of surprises!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Lone

Next week, I'm going to be alone with Sunny as Derrick is going to Penang from Tuesday nite for a good whole week.

Or am I not alone? If Sunny is going to be with me, then I wouldn't be alone.

Hmm ... ???


Kelvin came to my work cubicle and shared half of his baked buttered corn with me.
It was delicious.
But it's definitely unhealthy cos I saw the amount of butter he slapped on the pre-bake corn.
Nevertheless, it tasted fantastic!

8th Birthday Gift

This is a belated birthday gift from Adeline.
Siew Boon passed it to me this morning.

I always love Molten Brown packaging, it has a sense of musculinity.

I'll put these into the Agnes b toiletries bag.

In the past, when I received such gifts, normally would be reluctant to use them. And many a times, I would forgotten where I've kept them and when I discover them again, I won't want to use them cos they have probably been kept too long.

I've learnt my lesson, so I'm going to enjoy my gifts and reap the benefits of using them.

The set is called "Purify". The little booklet that came with the set wrote that the purifying therapies are packed with active Ardeche ambrusca grape-leaf and will leave you feeling deep cleansed, softened, toned, polished and re-invigorated. This is an intense skin workout.

My God, they just know how to bluff!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Humble Food

Cheri offered me this today.

... and she wrote:

" 笨龟
请你吃地瓜!是在ISETAN 的日本美食展买的。
今天把它煮了。它是 "Soul food", 也是 “Humbling food"。

7th Birthday Gift

My friend knows that I am a fan of Aaron Kwok.
So, I received this Aron Kwok's 2007/2008 concert DVD,
and it comes in this cute magazine bag.

I have not watch it yet, as I am going for Aaron Kwok live at Indoor Stadium on 30th May 09.

Talking about it, I am selling away two $150 tickets ( total $300 ) for Aaron Kwok concert this 30th May 09. I bought the tickets very early and the seats are good for this category. Anyone interested please leave your number and I'll contact you.

It's going to be a spectacular performance. It cost the organiser $1m to bring in the 3 storey high revolving stage.

Don't miss this opportunity to catch Aaron Kwok - Live! One show only.

6th Birthday Gift

I am a sucker for bags.
Just like Derrick who is a sucker for shoes.

I guess we all have our soft spots for different things.

This is a full leather bag from CK.
It is in very pale grey and looks very casual.
Very suitable if you are dressed casually in shades of white, grey or pastel colours.

The size is just nice and there are a number of compartments inside.

And the most attractive part is it was purchased at 50% discount.


5th Birthday Gift

Thanks to Cheri and Sr Ling,
I got these to add to my items from Agnes B.

Cool toileteries bag and a travel log.
Good, I'll use the travel log for my June's Osaka trip.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Eat Men, Eat Women

Birthdays were always celebrated with eating.
And I had plenty of eating and much to eat every time.
Can't remember when was the last birthday PARTY I had.
Probably the last time was when christmas trees were small.
Now, at this age, my group will normally end up eating.
Gone are the days we would book chalet and BBQ, and stay up late to chat into the wee hours. Now I need to be in bed by midnight, if not I will feel like a zombie the next day.
So, no difference from last year, I ate and ate with different groups of friends. Really appreciate all my friends who make time for me on my birthday.
I am blessed indeed.
Thank God

Birthday Cake

These are the birthday cakes Siew Boon and gang had bought me, the one I'd chosen - Passion green tea.

The layer of passion fruit proved to be too sour for everyone. They didn't enjoy the cake. I thought it was refreshingly sour. Very unlike ordinary cakes which are always sweet.

Accompanying, is a chocolate opera which everybody liked. I guess chocolate is a very safe choice.

4th Birthday Gift

This is the 2nd pair of Havana slippers I got, and a third Bear from Siew Boon. She's a sucker for Havana slippers and Grey Bear.

This time round, the slippers are in grey. The previous pair of white one has lost it's pristine white and has turned into a dirty grey covered by layers of dirt.

So I got a grey bear and a grey pair of slippers. Just so apt when my hair is turning grey.

Thanks Siew Boon

3rd Birthday Gift

This is from Lee Shan who is in Hong Kong now.

She had bought this gift sometime back and passed it to Derrick to pass to me on my birthday. She is just so thoughtful and generous and always makes effort to surprise her friends.
Thanks Lee Shan for remembering my birthday!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2nd Birthday Gift

Jia Hsuang brought me these gifts at my work cubicle.
Wrapped in the colourful paper is this cute panda who has swallowed some ecstasy pills. The endless shifting of his head from left to right is telltale sign that he has done so.

I always wanted one for myself. And this wish has come true on my birthday.

Shall I named him Ecstacy?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

1st Birthday Gift

I received my first birthday gift when I came to school this morning.
A colourful gift left on my table.

On it was written," Mark, Happy Birthday! Try to stay young, at heart, if age doesn't allow it! Jeff."

Ha! Ha!

Jeff is such a man of humour.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Birthday Cake

It has come to the part of the year whereby I have to choose my birthday cake.

Siew Boon passed me a little professionally done catalog from Nectarie, a shop which specialise in gourmet cakes. I have to choose a cake for my birthday celebration.

I have shortlisted three:

1. Passion Green Tea
Green tea mousse with citrus passion fruits

2. Matcha Sweet Potato
Light green tea mousse with Japanese sweet potato

3. Dark Chocolate Opera
Dark Chocolate layered with coffee cream, expresso and almond sponge

Normally, I don't like my cake to be too sweet and if possible something without cream.

Dark chocolate Opera will seems to fit the bill but it is something we could get quite commonly.

Option 2 seems interesting. I have never eaten a sweet potato cake, have you?

Option 1 on the other hand somehow create a urge in me to taste it. I could feel the green tea taste and the sourish citrus passion fruit . I am salivating now.

So, my final option will be ... Passion Green Tea.


I visited my dad's place last Chinese New Year, and took the opportunity to clean up my study table. Lo and behold, I found my old IC. For those who are born after the cassette era, you probably didn't know that the old IC looks like that:
And yes, that was me like more than twenty years ago. You probably will notice that thick luscious hair which apparently has become what is now a bush of thin, dry greying mane.

This photo on my new IC also looks horrid. I believe I must have perm my hair then. Yes, for those who didn't know, there was a time when perming hair is such an in thing for guy.

The other day, my office clerical staff showed me his photos when he was at his prime. Man! he looked young, handsome and muscular. This can't be said about me, for me, I just look so "moronic". Perhaps, the consolation now is that as I mature, I look not so freakish like I was before. Some people just turn into a swan very late in their life, and mine has yet to come.

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