Monday, September 27, 2010


"Devil" is Night's latest movie.
The other of his movies which I like was " 6 Sense "

He was able to glued you to the screen the entire time with the suspense. One of the five passengers in the lift was not a human.

But which one???

Five passengers were trapped in a lift, and one by one they die.

Who was the killer?
Who would be killed next?
Would anyone survive this ordeal?
What was the reason the five were in the ill fated lift?

There was a unscrupulous salesman who cheated many of their money. An old lady who was a thief. A temp security guard who had clubbed someone to death. A lady who married wealthy men and swindle their money away. Last but not least, a suspicious man whose identity was not clear.

Can you guess which one is more than a human?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ultra super burger

This was a really ultra super burger that was left on my work table. It was even larger than my fist.

It was filled with plenty of greens, tomatoes and a large patty of fish otah ( I think, cos it taste like one )

It was a Oishi! A 100 folds better than fast food burger. That morning, I was really full after eating it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


It finally arrived! I waited for two weeks and it was fixed in the kitchen today.

This machine even speaks to me as I dispense alkaline water from it.

How this machine found itself in my kitchen? The story goes like this.

My friend was at a chinese wedding dinner and met one of his ex-colleague which he has not met for a while. And everybody on the same dinner table realised that she had a glow on her face and her complexion looked better and she looked younger.

You guess it! She had been drinking alkaline water for a while now. So my friend was convinced and bought one.

After reading about alkaline water, I was also convinced and that's how this S$2200 machine is now on my kitchen wall.

As our body is acidic largely due to the food we eat, drinking alkaline water neutralize the acid in our body. The machine also filters the water and ionized it making it purer and anti-oxident. Drinking it will help to reduce free radicals in our body.

So I hope it is money well spent.

Did you guess correctly?

It's a box of moon cakes from Regent Hotel

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink gift

A friend at work gave me this gift. An exquisite pink gift box that everyone would fall in love with. Can you guess what's inside this gift box?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Can anyone tell me is there any way to prevent such a foggy situation?


I went to Ikea and got three different glass containers, they were all of different shapes and sizes. I also got some tiny plants and made three terrariums on the Sunday afternoon.

This long glass container is ideal for making a terrarium. However, the glass surface fogs, I meant when condensation takes place, water droplets gathered on the glass surface making the contents not very visible.

This is a bit small and similarly, the surface fogs.

This container turns out the best. Unlike the above two, it doesn't fog and it was a beautiful terrarium.
Can anyone tell me why the above two fogs and this doesn't?
Hmm... what seems to be the reason?

This was the mess I created.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

All the unhealthy stuff

This was my dinner.

Can you make out what were the ingredients?

Ha! ha! they were all the unhealthy stuff.

I have luncheon meat again, got to finish the whole can. Kimchi and instant noodles. And to make it more healthy, I added lots of veg - butterhead, cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumber.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally! My porridge

It was worth the wait.The porridge was silky smooth and not too salty. It was a huge portion too for just S$3 and came with egg to. The raw fish was covered by generous heaps of garnishing.
Two huge bowls of porridge and a plate of raw fish only cost us $10.

Best deal in Singapore

Zhen Zhen porridge @ Maxwell market

I'm in the queue for the renowned porridge at Maxwell market. The queue wasn't too long but it takes them so long to serve each customer. I think it's likely that I've to wait for another half hour before I could savour the silky smooth porridge.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last night's dinner

Teck Keng wanted to eat Kong Ba Bau (Fatty meat bun) at Westlake restaurant last night.

We were not very sure of the way, you know, I just couldn't remember directions very much. We managed to find it though, without getting lost.

So he bought me this sinful dinner last night.


My dinner

I added luncheon meat to my instant noodles tonight. For those of you who still remember luncheon meat, it use to be a delicacy to me when I was young.

I have not eaten it for the longest time, it's not exactly
very healthy thus don't really eat it much.

But my dinner tonight brought back memories, the taste of the past.

Online shopping

The little black package was left on my desk. Yeah! I exclaimed out of joy when I lay sight on my online purchase.

It was a brown long sleeve Tee. Don't the model look so good in it?

I've been making quite a number of online purchases. The thrill about online shopping is browsing through the hundreds of product searching for something that really interest you.

And when you have made a purchase, you wait patiently for the delivery. You never know whether the items are going to turn out nice, that adds to the thrill too.

When you receive your purchase, you derived joy when the products turned out nice and it was a satisfactory buy.

Online shopping is usually cheaper. You might wanna try this site:

Happy shopping!!!


Little Panda has been sitting on my desk for about two years now. Today I moved him to my car. He is now sitting on my dashboard getting a tan during the day time. He loves tanning, everytime the sun is out, he rocks his head with joy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

White eyes

I got this box of whitening eye mask during my company's event gift exchange. The mask was too small for my face and I had to cut it into two. Must be meant for ladies. Haha!


"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the sea."


I woke up and the rhythmic spattering of the rain met my ears.

It had been raining the whole night.

I moved to the window. The greeneries at my balcony garden looked like they had a coat of new paint. They were so green, not just ordinary green.

The morning air was fresh and I filled my lungs with more of it. The unexpected rain had cleansed the air so thoroughly that one just wished that the air would forever remain this clean.

I stared out at the garden through the glass window and watched the little rain drops fall on the wooden flooring and created just little splashes. This is something I had not done for a long time. I remember I used to watch the rain when I was little. Strangely, I hardly do that any more.

Adults do not watch rain falling down any more.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dragon Well Green Tea 龙井茶

The emerald green tea flowed into the glass as my brother lowered the opening of his water bottle towards it. My brother offered me the glass and asked me to try the Dragon Well Green Tea. I took a sip, it was lightly fragrant with mellow and sweetish taste.

I like the taste.

My brother instructed me that I could make the tea with cold water as well, unlike other teas which should be brewed with hot water. "Just soak the tea leaves for 30 mins in cold water and its all ready to be served," he said.

He then presented me with a little metallic tin of Dragon Well Green Tea which he bought from China. Dragon Well Green Tea is a superb anti-oxidant and drinking it regularly has the benefit of lowering our cholesterol.

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