Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool relaxing Sunday

It was a cool and nice Sunday.

What could be better than having a magazine and a cup of coffee at the balcony garden enjoying the cool afternoon breeze.

Such simplicity is life enjoyment.

This Sunday, I did quite a few online shopping without leaving the house.

Hee! Hee!

Tomatoes with egg

This is Derrick's rendition of tomatoes fried with egg.

Very nice presentation, and he added basil in the dish.

Still, something was missing. The fusion of the taste of tomatoes and eggs was missing.

Nevertheless, it was more successful than my previous attempts.

Who could tell me the magic touch to this dish?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smile Cat App.

This App is created by a Korean and it is one of the best apps for photo frames.

Firstly, this App is free.

It also has a generous selection of interesting frames.

Then there are so many cute stickers you could put around your frame.

With so many frames and stickers, I'm sure we could create millions of different combinations.

It's called Smile Cat App. Must download for all iphone users.

Iphone App.

I got fun using this App.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garden 2

This is the smaller of the two gardens. We laid half the garden floor with timber and also added synthetic rattan chair and ottoman.

I have spent most evening there sipping a cuppa coffee and reading my papers.

Now with my other garden completed, I can alternate between this and the bigger garden.

Garden 1

Finally complete face-liftting my gardens.

Ha ha! it took quite a long time but finally completed.

We managed to re-pot one of our bamboos and also added the deck chairs and synthetic rattan table.

Though I feel that it is a little cramp now, but resting there with a cuppa coffee in the evening is really relaxing. I feel that I'm completely surrounded by plants.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Greedy desire

Time now is 21 15 and I'm feeling more greedy than hungry. Cook myself my favourite instant noodle and added home made kimchi made by my friend, You Choo. Slurpp...! Yummy

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Carrot pants

This pair of pants is one of my many online purchases. Carrot pants is quite an in thing now. It's distinct features are the three quarter length and it's elongated zipper area. This piece was flown in from Korea.

I'm quite happy with my purchase but have yet to wear it.

More sesame sauce noodle from Taiwan

I'm still not sick of these noodles flown in from Taiwan. When Derrick travelled to Taiwan recently, I seized the opportunity to get him to get me four packs. Yummy! So ever delicious! ;p

The latest toy

Have been contemplating to get this for sometime and finally lay hands on one yesterday. My iPhone 3G was serving me relatively well and still functioning. Perhaps the grouses I have over the older version is that the camera function really sucks. It doesn't take quality picture.

The other reason that induced me to upgrade to iphone4 was that my contract has expired and after learning from my friend that I could call Singtel to ask for a $100 voucher for my next upgrade, I decided to change to the latest gadget after successfully obtaining my voucher. Singtel does not automatically offer you the $100 voucher for your recontract so you have to call them and request for it. The operator will offer the voucher to you without fuss, so remember to ask for it before you recontract your mobile plan.

Monday, October 4, 2010


does not take away tomorrows' TROUBLES,
it takes away todays'

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...