Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Instant noodle - slurp!

Suddenly, feel the urge of having a bowl of hot steamy luncheon meat instant noodle with egg. Yummy! Instant noodle is always my favourite, though I know the fact that consuming too much is actually not healthy at all. So, trying to convince myself that I am not taking it that so often anyway, so what's an occasional indulgent going to hurt right? I hope I am right.

Cooking instant noodle is a skill. The noodle has to be cooked to the just right texture and the egg should be half boiled.
Firstly, bring the water to boil and add noodle. Wait for the water to boil again and when you see the noodle is about almost cooked, lift the pot off the fire. Drained off the hot water and put the noodle under running water. Rinse it a couple of time. Then boil another pot of water. When the water boil, off the fire, add in the ingredient sachets and dissolve them. Add noodle back into the soup and break an egg into the pot. Cover the pot and let it stay for about 7 min. Serve the content into a bowl and add luncheon meat and garnishing.

Tada! here you go, a bowl of hot steamy luncheon meat instant noodle with egg.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wii Sweat

I am not showing off my body, but just to prove a point that that's how much perspiration I had after just 15 min of playing Wii sport - boxing.

I have got the Wii for a couple of months now but only just two days ago that I discover that playing the boxing could be such a good workout.

I played three games of three rounds and played it like I was doing real boxing. I threw punches at my digital opponent, darted his punches and of course skipping all the while. This caused my heart to palpitate and in no time, I was soaking in my own sweat.

Just the other day, my colleague Jeff was telling us that the major cause for heart failure is an inactive lifestyle. I hope all the punches throwing will at least take me off the list of victims of heart failure.

The next game I'm going to get is Wii - Fit, the Yoga excercise.

Making Faces

I got this idea from Leon's blog.
Do check out his blog entitled "L shape Window"
He is such a creative guy and it was
such an ingenious idea that I can't help it
but gave it a go myself too.

Putting my face pics together gave me
an avenue to see for myself the inevitable result
of aging.
Thinning scalp!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Tasty Prawn Mee
Blk 94, Henderson Road
Meeting Place Coffee Shop

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Excuse me, are you a model?

I was in the library yesterday and stumbled upon this book. For those who don't know who Bonny Hicks was, you are probably young, gorgeous and at your prime now.

This book was published in 1990. That's almost two decades ago.

When they launched this book, someone from my varsity invited her to our faculty to talk about her book. It was such a Hoo-Haa then. She was only 21 then. It is a pity that she did not survive the plane crash a couple of years ago.

I borrowed the book as I was curious about what she had written about. My intuitive self reckoned that there must be interesting juicy stuff to read about. She appeared to be rather matured in her writing for a person her age. Perhaps the fashion industry had hastened her development. I personally felt she was really courageous to reveal her love life and her intimacy with various men. On the whole, my personal take is that she was candid and real in her biography.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A perfect angle

This is my first Barbie and I bought it for my photography practise.

I shot her at many angles and to me, this is her best.

A perfect angle.

Isn't it the same for us too. There will be many facets of us. When others look at us, some see the worst of us and the chemistry instantly disappear. While others, see our nicer angles and we became their friends. What will make treasured relationships are those that see our flawed angles and yet accept us as we are. These are our Angels in our life.

Everyone of us has our Angels. I am blessed to have many despite my so many shortcomings.

Do you know who your Angels are?

Have you tell them so?

Perhaps we should take time now to bless these Angels of our life.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to reflection

In our life, we walk many roads.
Each experience will only make us wiser, and this can only happen if we reflect on our journey in life.
Contrary to the common belief that as one gets olders, one gets wiser. Wisdom only comes about when one constantly look inwardly into oneself.
Wherever we are now, whichever road we are taking now, let every pit stop be one of meaningful reflection and learning. As we step forth and continue our journey in life, we can only get wiser, and not otherwise, if reflection is our constant companion.

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