Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cancer Stick

Ever since Sr Ling introduced me to gourmet sausages, I've been eating them every weekend.
Today, while reading the February issue of Men's Health,
the mag actually call sausages "Cancer Sticks"

Nitrates are added in processed meat to rid a certain kind of bacteria.
When the sticks are fried or grilled, the nitrites combine with amino acid in the meat
to produce carcinogenic compounds. Studies have link consumption of processed meat to colorectal and stomach cancer.

Oh man! better cut down on my consumption of "death food"

"Chow Tar" dish

Finally the soap dish that I made end last year has been glazed and fired.
and now it is sitting on my desk.
I am not really happy with the colour.
At first sight, my soap dish looks like "Chow Tar" - burned!
But as I look at it, I find that it has a certain beauty in it.

Life is like that, time could change your perception of things.
Just like now, I feel that my soap dish is not that ugly afterall.
The "Chow Tar" colour actually gives it a certain characteristics.

I guess if we "look" hard enough, we would find beauty in anything or any person for the matter.
I am sure, like me, you experience before the person you hate most at first become the best of your friends.

Cherry Blossom shrubs

Did you notice the vibrant row of lilac coloured shrubs along the PIE?
It's between the Paya Lebar and Eunos stretch.
It's like cherry blossom in Singapore
Very colourful and definitely very Spring

it's actually bouganvilla
Do enjoy the sight if you are driving along this stretch of the PIE

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pig Trotter

I was just craving for pig trotters the other day,
then derrick brought back dinner from his aunt's place,
and guess what?

There was the pig trotter dish!

God answers prayer, no matter how trivial to you it seems.

Friday, February 20, 2009


It's Friday again!


It means I'll get a short break before the same madness cycle will happen again next week.

Friday seems to come too quickly nowadays it seems. As I aged, days fly and years pass by very quickly. Have you ever notice that too?

I mean why is this so? What has age got to do with time ticking by? Or is it just up in our head? Maybe is the amount of things we have on hand, that make the day seems short.

Hmm! Anyone figure that out?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V Day Dinner

Dinner for this year's Valentine's Day
is at Adeline's Kitchen.

The dinner is different from the many dinners
we had at her place.

She cooked western this time round.
Each of us had a set dinner plate consisting of fish fillet,
broccoli, black pepper Yifu noodles (Yummy!)
salad, fried pork patty (Yummy!), sausage, corn.

The set also came with "Chen Teng" and Derrick
bought a chocolate mushmallow cake from Pattisier (Sinful)

We were fed to our throat.

After dinner, we chatted till we were all felt unbearable with the heat
in the room, so we all headed to Mac.
That's where I discovered Mac is selling Mega Big Mac

It consists of four beef patties in between three pieces of bread.
It brought back memory when I had my first burger at A&W.
I was in primary school and my sister brought me to A&W at Katong.
I remembered the burger was really huge,
so huge it could not fit into my mouth.

So when I saw the Mega Big Mac,
I had to try it, eventhough I was still full from dinner.

Hey! I love the Mega Big Mac
Yummy! Yummy!
It got substance.

You got to try it

Saturday, February 14, 2009

V Day

Today is Valentine's Day
So wishing all a life full of love!

Adeline invited us,
the ones that are lovely to her house for a home cooked meal.
Home cooked meal, What could be more heavenly than this?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lo Hei

Lo Hei! Lo Hei!

Do you know that this Lo Hei thingy actually originated from Singapore.
In the past, I kept thinking that it is from Hong Kong or China.

Like all other years, we had a gathering at Erinna's this year
and of course another Lo Hei session to bring us luck and favour for the rest of the year.

After the Lo Hei, I got lucky on the Black Jack table and won about $25
This luck didn't last long,
I got a parking ticket, $50 fine

But instead of lamenting that the $25 was lost so immediately,
I guess I could see it the other way
Thanks for the winning to subsidise my fine

One of my goal this year is to count more blessings and sigh less

Happy Meal

Hey look at this!

Doesn't it spice up your appetite immediately?

I had this breakfast set at one of my favourite haunt "Swiss Bakerie" at Frankel Ave
This is their breakfast specialty called "Savoury Crepe"

Cost $11.90 and comes with either coffee or tea

It's definitely a happy meal!


Retro Look

How do these pictures look?

Do they look a little bit Rock N Roll
and a little bit sixties?

Ha Ha! I love the bright colours.
They lift up the mood immediately

What do you think?

Another production using "Scribble" on my Iphone

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