Saturday, November 27, 2010


Siew Boon delievered my lunch in this traditional Tinkat.

The various dishes were contained in different tiers of the Tinkat.

Eating the home-cooked food in this traditional Tinkat made the whole lunch experience a very memorable one.

Christmas packaging

Can you feel that the Christmas spirit is in the air?

A walk down Orchard Road, the shopping district in Singapore, will certainly allow you to immerse in the strong Christmas mood.

The roads are beautifully decorated by lights and Christmas trees sprouted everywhere along the road.

The big departmental stores are luring customers into spending with their discounts as well as their Christmas wrapping services and carriers.

I love this carrier from Tangs. It is shaped like the chinese traditional paper bag but with contemporary designs on it. Just love the shape and its size.

Peranakan Museum Singapore

My colleagues and I visited the Peranakan Museum yesterday.

Although some of my friends are peranakan, I never really knew much about the peranakan culture.

This trip was really informative and it was so because we had a very friendly and enthusiastic guide to explain the details to us.

There are three groups of peranakan, the Chitty peranakan, the Jawi peranakan and the chinese peranakan. Chitty peranakan are the Indian hindus who married the local malay ladies at the strait of Melacca. The Jawi perankan are the Indian muslims who married the local malay ladies and the chinese perankan are the union of the China chinese and the local malay.

And because of the cross ethnic marriages, there was assimilation of the different cultures and also the british influence was very strong then. Thus that gave birth to a very interesting and rich cross-culture practices and life styles.

I'm not really a museum person, but the trip was made interesting because the volunteer guide was able to narrate the history and traditions of the peranakan in a very vivid and interesting manner. It is definitely worth a visit, though the place was not very big compared to the one I've visited in Penang.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Unusual Sunny

Sunny behaved rather unusal today.

In the past, giving Sunny a bath would first be preceeded with a wild goose chase. Sunny dislikes taking a bath, every time he sees us holding his bath towel, he would run away from us and hide under the dining table.

Today, he really surprised me. As I was preparing his comb and dryer for his bath, he stood there eyeing me, wide eyes. As I took his bath towel and walked towards the shower room, he followed me in and even jumped into the bath tub himself.

I was surprised.

What make him changed his attitude towards bath?

Could it be possible that he now see the benefit of having a bath? Perhaps the bath could take away the itch.

I guess the same goes to human. As long as we see the benefit of doing something, there will be motivation to get the things done.

Back to the 60s

Do I look 60s?

Ha! Ha! I thought I did, especially I have my pair of glasses on.

The work of one of the fabulous Iphone Apps.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Great home-cooked food at work

Really appreciate Siew Boon for remembering me when she prepared food to bring to work.

This time round the packed food was so elaborate.

She must have sacrificed her sleep early in the morning to prepare these. I count myself so blessed to be able to have these prepared for me.

May GOD bless the cook abundantly as she bless others with her efforts and of course, delicious cooking.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Latest online purchase

This nose trimmer just arrived yesterday. It is really a handy gadget and it works well too, better than a pair of scissors.

I love the product and I think it is a great buy.

A disciplined lifestyle

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