Monday, December 31, 2012

Simple lunch

Went for a haircut at Bedok Point this afternoon and had my simple hawker food lunch at Bedok hawker centre.

Do we always need high end food?

Simple food like that makes me happy too.

New Year's Eve Breakfast

How does this differ from Selfish Gene breakfast?

Maybe the poached egg was not done to perfection.

I got most of my ingredients from my fridge:

smoked salmon and cheese from London courtesy from Casy;
mint leaves from my garden;
egg and salad sauce from my fridge.

I just got the greens from Cold Storage last night, there was a economy pack which only cost $4.70 which consisted of two cloves of butterhead, one Japanese cucumber, two tomatoes, a few leaves of purple vege and even a packet of sunflower seeds.

The bread is from Four Leaves Bakery, 5 small buns for $2.70.

Not difficult to prepare but it's all the washing after that.

So, before 2012 slip by, I made myself a good breakfast.

Tomorrow, it's a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

May your 2013 be one filled with great health, rich wealth and endless joy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A purposeful day

As the year drawing to the end, I woke up deciding that I should make good use of the remaining hours of 2012.

My little lily pond has since be plagued by algae and the poor lily is robbed of nutrients. So I decided to turn the pond into a little landscape today, thus sacrificing the lily plant.

Went to ikea to buy plants and then potted them in the green urn. I wonder it will take how long before the plants start growing wild and messy.

Bye bye 2012

I hate this feeling?

Why do people celebrate the coming of new year. I for one, dread the passing of the year.

Well, aging is one of the reason why I hate turning into a new year. Also, just feel that everything is back to square one and the whole year is going to repeat again.

Not a very positive thought to end the year and to welcome the new year. I'm just wondering what's missing that cause me to feel like that.

Is it the absence of passion?

Or is it there's nothing to look forward to in the new year?

What is it???


Saturday, December 29, 2012


SB brought us to "Selfish Gene" @ Craig Road for branch this morning. And Juliet bought us branch.

It was a hip cafe and not too crowded when we were there. I ordered the poached eggs and smoked salmon.

The salad was sauced lightly and I like the taste. The smoked salmon compliment the poached eggs well, it added saltiness to the poached eggs.

It is a nice place to hang out.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mission whitening

I've always envy those who has nice beautiful white teeth. Mine is too yellow probably due to heavy coffee consumption.

Having seen my friends successfully whiten their teeth, I finally pluck my courage to give it a try.

I got my teeth casted into a mould. I then applied whitening chemical onto the mould and then wore it to sleep. I'm suppose to do this for 14 days.

I'm feeling the sizzling effect on my teeth now. Hmm don't like the feeling. And worse, I'm not suppose to consume food with colours, natural or otherwise , else the teeth will absorb the colours as it is dehydrated after being treated with chemical the whole nite.

I'm really hoping that I would be able to see the result sooner and not having to go through the two weeks treatment.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Left over dinner

This was my dinner tonight. A sandwich.

It was made up of ingredients from left over food from parties.

I dipped the bread into egg and fry it. Then added a layer of onions. Then topped it with a slice of ham. Next were the colourful vegetables: cucumber, red and yellow pepper and carrot. Finally, the pork knuckles went right on top.

I took so long to prepare the dish and by the time I ate it, it was already cold.

It was really filling!

It's Twenty-sixth

Christmas came and gone so quickly.

And it will be another 365 days time for it to once again swoosh past in such a hurry.

My grandma used to say: "the year is easy to pass, but the days are hard to pass."

Lets make each day in 2013 a purposeful one.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


It's Christmas and in a weeks time, 2012 will be history. When you reach my age, every year seems to pass faster than the previous.

There's not much time left, so lets remember to treasure everyday and make the most out of everyday.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hand made card

This is such a simple but beautiful Christmas card.

I just love the simplicity.

And really, it beats all the commercialized Christmas card.

Thanks Erinna for such a lovely card.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What the crab!

Crab feast again.

And to me, the crab that my aunt steam is the best. She would buy the live crabs from the market and steam them with salt.

Simple and basic way of preparing crabs but its the best.

I eat it cold too and taste even better. Amidst the slight saltiness, I could really taste the sweetness of the crab.

Fingers licking good!

Thursday, December 20, 2012






Wednesday, December 19, 2012



柜台的小姐 Julia 说,
要是有夕阳, 那就一百分了。







Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas gift #3

What a lovely gift!

This is flown all the way from Japan. It's a gift from the lovely couple Yoshi and Rika.

What comes with this gift is also their love and friendship. I'm really glad that we are in their mind.

Thanks so much Yoshi and Rika!

God bless!

Christmas gift #2

My 2nd Christmas gift for 2012.

Just when my previous one's strap about to snap. This one was supposedly a limited edition and has a strength of 50X. It is claimed to relief aches up to the shoulders.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Afternoon Tea

East meet west.

How so?

I'm having my ginger tea which I bought from Taiwan with the Turkish Fig scones I made this morning.

When one eats scones, one probably would go with clotted cream and jam, and probably a cup of afternoon tea.

Sometimes, trying something out of the norm brings unexpected discoveries.

I like the ginger tea, oriental style. Not too sweet and goes well with the scones.

Take a break, have a cup of tea!

Displaying my scones

Turkish Fig Scones

Just feel like making scones today.

And since I have some Turkish Figs in my fridge, I cut them into tiny slices and added them into my scones.

The Turkish Figs didn't come out strong in taste. The texture of the scones this time round was fluffy and light. I think I also added more butter and I could taste a stronger buttery taste.

This afternoon, I'll have scones and ginger tea for afternoon tea.



Saturday, December 15, 2012

A request

In Taiwan, SB and JQ bought a piece of cloth each and requested me to sew them a tissue holder. Having taken up their request, I went to youtube and google how to sew a tissue holder.

I'm lucky enough to find a video that demonstrate sewing a tissue holder in few easy steps.

So there it is.

A friends' request.

Friday, December 14, 2012





Bought a few books from Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan and this is one of them. I'm trying to achieve the Japanese style photos, simple and has the very cosy feel. 

Had to make some adjustment using photoshop but this pic still lacks the Japanese feel. Can't figure out how to soften the pic using photoshop.

I like this pic. Soft, simple and sweet.

Handmade gift

I got this idea from the news and I improvised with other materials and it works as well.

Could you guess what is the use of this?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is 大老二!So named as he is my second plush toy. But of course, he will have a new name from his new owner. 

He just accompanied SB to Taiwan and now back in Singapore. 

I had a great trip especially love my stay at 南投清境农场 at a B&B known as 云顶。I got to see the sun setting into the 云海。

I hope 大老二enjoyed himself too.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cloth buying spree

I know of this place from a blog by a Malaysian and didn't know that I would actually made it there. The place is like People's Park Complex. The store assistants were very friendly. I bought about S$100 worth of cloth in the end.

Hopefully I am able to make good use of the cloth I bought.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparation for my plush toy

Tonight I just got the inspiration to make another plush toy.

So I did some sketches and these are the materials needed.

Will reveal the final product soon!

My 2012 first Christmas present

Wow! This present really made my day. The Christmas present certainly came early. I really love the packaging, very artistically done, with a personal touch.

Thank you Mabel for your lovely present.

I love the T-shirt.


Banana cake

SB gave Derrick this little banana cake for his birthday. We shared it this morning for breakfast. Like the softness and the natural banana sweetness. The nuts on top gave it the crunchiness.

She got it from the Selfish Gene Cafe at 40 Craig road.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hairy Crab

This poor hairy crab ended up on my dinner plate.

Though it is not so big, it took me an hour to savour it. Wat make it so delicious was also the special vinegar ginger dip.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My first hand sewn plush toy

Was looking at some websites and was inspired to make plush toy.

Decided to make an ugly one

Not quite happy with it cos did not turned out the way I wanted it especially the sewing.

Well! Not bad lah, at least ugly enough.

What should I call it?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sew to destress

I refused to do work tonight and since I bought the felt for the lining in the afternoon, I completed the two pouches.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheapest kopi-O

How much is one Kopi-o nowadays?

Well I got my cup for only 70 cents at Tanjong Rhu market from Hua coffee and drink #01-23.

I think it's the cheapest you can find.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

More pouches

Made more pouches yesterday morning and though this is my 4th attempt of making the double sided zipper pouch, I still did not perfect it. There are still mistakes.

I am determine to perfect it.


Adeline's birthday

Brought my Fujifilm mini 7S instant camera to Adeline's birthday celebration and the photos turned out well. We had fun decorating the boarders as well.

Erinna was suggesting of taking fawn's photo on her birthday every year till she hit 21, and I thought it is a great idea. Can see how she grows up through the years.

I realized we dun need to take multiple shots of the group for everyone as we could just snap a copy of the instant photos and save in our hand phone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


SB said, as long as it makes me happy, continue to sew as many bags as possible. Well! While sewing this double pouch, I actually lost my cool and was frustrated.

This is my third attempt and there was still mistake. You probably can't see from the outside cos the mistake was in the internal lining.

For sewing, when you make a mistake, undoing the thread can be very frustrating. It is a tedious process and in the process, the cloth can be torn too.

Just like in life, it is better to do the right thing and do it right rather than to have to mend your mistakes.

Coin pouch

Spent my Saturday night making coin pouches. Made 4 of them. I personally am satisfied with the black one. It looks neat and masculine. The thickness of the material plays a part.

The pink ones look very Japanese. The material looks good when made into small pouches like these.

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...