Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sew to destress

I refused to do work tonight and since I bought the felt for the lining in the afternoon, I completed the two pouches.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheapest kopi-O

How much is one Kopi-o nowadays?

Well I got my cup for only 70 cents at Tanjong Rhu market from Hua coffee and drink #01-23.

I think it's the cheapest you can find.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

More pouches

Made more pouches yesterday morning and though this is my 4th attempt of making the double sided zipper pouch, I still did not perfect it. There are still mistakes.

I am determine to perfect it.


Adeline's birthday

Brought my Fujifilm mini 7S instant camera to Adeline's birthday celebration and the photos turned out well. We had fun decorating the boarders as well.

Erinna was suggesting of taking fawn's photo on her birthday every year till she hit 21, and I thought it is a great idea. Can see how she grows up through the years.

I realized we dun need to take multiple shots of the group for everyone as we could just snap a copy of the instant photos and save in our hand phone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


SB said, as long as it makes me happy, continue to sew as many bags as possible. Well! While sewing this double pouch, I actually lost my cool and was frustrated.

This is my third attempt and there was still mistake. You probably can't see from the outside cos the mistake was in the internal lining.

For sewing, when you make a mistake, undoing the thread can be very frustrating. It is a tedious process and in the process, the cloth can be torn too.

Just like in life, it is better to do the right thing and do it right rather than to have to mend your mistakes.

Coin pouch

Spent my Saturday night making coin pouches. Made 4 of them. I personally am satisfied with the black one. It looks neat and masculine. The thickness of the material plays a part.

The pink ones look very Japanese. The material looks good when made into small pouches like these.

Sunday, November 11, 2012




I was in Kerala for a week on business trip and I've never eaten so much Indian food before. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all Indian cuisine

Kerala is situated at the southern part of India. Kerala means a small port. In the sixteen century, it was governed by the Portuguese for a hundred years, then by the Dutch for another hundred and finally by the British.

That's why in Kerala the are many glimpses of western influence. 40 % of the local there are christian and there are many roads with English names.

My impression of Kerala is very different from what I imagine. Throughout the week, I didn't see any beggars in the streets. And also, I adapt to the food there quite well. No food poisoning.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My New Toy

Remember the days of Polaroid?

I use to have one and brought it to my Silk Road journey and it captured great shots which still form great memories in my Silk Road travelogue journal. Frankly, the colour didn't change much even after 20 years.

I recently just discarded my 20 year old Polaroid. Today, while Polaroids now defunct, Fujifilm has successfully resurrected instant camera.

I collected my Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 S today and immediately put it to test. The pics turned out nice and portrait taken at one arm length looks great in composition.

The camera is inexpensive, I bought online @ Gmarket for $83 for the white one, outside retailing at about $130. The film is where the company make money from, a box of 10 cost $8 to $9.

As an old fashion guy as oppose to old man, I really love this little white gadget. Really love the white. Buying this to bring to my Taiwan trip so could complete my travelogue during the journey.

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