Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lomo closeup

This pic is the result of harnessing the effects of two apps.

Love it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fantastic soup

I used the white and red miso paste and this real spicy chicken rice chilli to make the soup of my udon.

Then I added mushrooms and remnants of bak kua (preserved BBQ pork) from CNY.

The dinner tasted real fantastic especially the soup. I drank every bit of it. I knew I shouldn't but just couldn't resist.

I love Japan

I love Japan, I really do.

I love its culture, I love its people and most of all, my great friends live there.

My sympathy goes to the people of the rising sun at this trying moment. Pray to God for mercy and grace and let not the situation go any worse. I pray that the nuclear plants are well under control and hope God will stop the meltdowns of the reactors.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm in a dilemma now, you see this cup of coffee which I have just ordered taste like a cup of diluted coffee.

 Had it not for it's visual facade, you probably could not tell it is coffee by taste alone.

Should I abandon it or should I drink it?

Not drinking it would hopefully send the message to the stall holder that her coffee is not drinkable. But that would also go against the theory of frugality.

If I drink it, it's not giving me the pleasure but just empty calories.

I guess I had to do the noble task to indicate to the stall owner that she had to improve her skill of coffee making

I am number 10

How many watches could one have to be considered one too many?

This is my 10th addition of watches. I just couldn't resist getting it. I love the green and what's more green is my lucky colour this year.

I know this is just to satisfy my want, afterall one watch is enough to serve the function of telling time. If I were to argue that now watches also serve the fashion function, then I guess I could still marginally argue my stand.

And the important thing to me is to spend within one's means.

This Casio set me back by $81

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunny stuffed toy

Doesn't Sunny look like a stuffed toy here? He looks cute with longer fur.

Sometimes I would wonder whether Sunny is a toy. If he was one, then I would derive enjoyment playing with him. But I play with him because he seeks me to play with him with his toy.

Perhaps, it would be more apt to say I'm his toy.

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...