Thursday, May 29, 2014

A sweet surprise

I bumped into my colleague the other morning and she gave me this bowl of porridge. It was still hot when I gulped it down. Very tasty and very sweet of her.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Birthday Gift #7

I bought myself a birthday gift this year. I hope riding in it will help me to burn off a few calories.

Birthday Gift #6

Thanks YK for this pair of white slip-on, perfect for my Greece trip in June.

Birthday Gift #5

Thanks Adeline and Gean for this instrumental album.

Birthday Gift #4

Thanks Joyce for Michael Card's album. I remember first listening to him during my varsities days which were more than 20 years ago.

How time flies.

Birthday Gift #3

Thanks Derrick for the masculine Porter tote bag.

Birthday Gift #2

Thanks Lee Shan for the lovely baking book and accessories. Hopefully I'll be successful in baking them.

Birthday Gift #1

Thanks Siew Boon, Adeline and Gean for getting this pair of very comfortable Dr Marten sandals for me.

Birthday Celebration

My aunt said, "For children, it's add one year to their age on their birthday, for senior citizens, it's minus one year to our age. "

I do agree and yesterday, time took yet another year away from me. But I'm not viewing it so pessimistically, it just means that since our time is so limited, better spend our precious day wisely and eventfully.

Thanks my friends, for spending your precious time with me.

A disciplined lifestyle

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