Thursday, May 27, 2010


Obolo is situated along Joo Chiat road. This mini cafe has only three tables in the cafe. Though a small little place, but it serves very beautiful and interesting snacks ranging from cakes to macarrons. This tea set is very beautiful and delicious too.

Monday, May 24, 2010

St John Island

I was at St John Island over the weekend. It was a lovely trip. St John is the sister island of Sentosa which is situated at the south of Singapore.
Unlike it's renowned sister, St John is a quiet and sleepy island which attracts very few visitors. I was really fortunate that I was able to witness sunset as well as a stars filled sky at night.
In contrast with the urbanized Sentosa island that is filled with thousand visitors everyday, St John has it's rustic charm and it is really a great getaway for people who wants a break from neon lights and all things plastic.
The management is now renovating some of the wooden huts for rental to the public. Hope I'll get to visit St John again, the last time I visited the island was about 30 years ago.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coffee unstoppable

I was at Lenord Blake the first time and the beautician actually ran a beauty history check on me. When she asked me how many cups of coffee do I take a day, she was not impressed that I take about 3 on the average. She advised me to cut down my consumption of coffee as it will take 5 glasses of water to flush out a cup of coffee.

This is something that's going to be a challenge. Coffee is something that I can't live without, it's an energy booster for me.

Sun Yat Sen Masion, Penang

When we were in Armenian Street in Penang, we stumbled across this Sun Yat Sen Masion. It was the Masion which Sun Yat Sen stayed in when he was in Penang to seek donation from the Chinese during the world war.

The humble mansion was full of character, of course it had been refurbished before and only a few things are original now.

From the furnishing, the fittings to the wall and the floor, it exudes rich oriental flavour. I really love the walls, it had embraced the inevitable deterioration through time and now don the classic vintage facade.

The furniture were also antique and they reminded me of what I used to have in my house when I was a kid.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yummy Penang Food

These are some of Penang specialties. They are the must try when you are in Penang. I've arranged them in accordance to my preference.

This is a very simple dish, kuay teow soup. I've never tasted anything in Singapore that could match this standard. It's really sweet and tasty, yet the sweetness is not from MSG. It tastes very natural. I really love it.

This Chee Cheong Fan dish is different from Singapore's. The Penang way of making this is to add prawn paste. I really slupped up every drip of the paste.

The Penang curry mee has pig's blood. The soup tastes really good and I don't think coconut milk is added.

Penang Laksa, the all time favourite.

Penang Char Kuay Teow, comes with really huge prawns and they are crunchy too. It's unlike Singapore Char Kuay Teow which is normally fried with black sauce.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Birthday gift #16

Ginger left this gift on my table. Hmm... I suppose this will be my last birthday gift. Tags for wine glasses, but I hardly drink wine. Ha! Ha!

2010 Birthday gift #15

I received another birthday gift that pampers me, a facial at Leonard Drake when I was in Penang over the weekend. It didn't come cheap, a facial cost $258 RM.

Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Birthday gift #14

When I came into office this morning, there was a little surprise on my table. Someone from my workplace left a belated birthday gift on my work table. Ha ha, it was a huge Famous Amos cookie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010 Birthday gift #13

You Choo baked me this organic buckwheat bread. This ordinary looking slab of bread is really delicious, considering that it is healthy food. It is tasty and filled with cruchy nuts.

You Choo has been learning organic way of cooking. And I think this bread is really unique, I'm sure it will sell if she were to market it.

2010 Birthday gift #12

My colleague wanted to buy me dinner but cannot find a common time, thus he made me this for breakfast. Yummy, very delicious indeed.

2010 Birthday gift #11

My friends from my workplace gave me something that I always wanted, a casual watch. I have many of these casual watches but after awhile, all the plastic straps will break.

Hmm... I am just wondering if I don't leave it in my drawer, will it help? Has the breaking of the straps got to do with humidity?

2010 Birthday gift #10

I love the quote that was written on the card. It says,"The more your praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

This reminds me to always count my blessings and trust that God will provide.

Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Birthday Gift #9

I had dinner with some of my old friends. Tiong Yun came with a birthday gift for me. It was a great get together, ha ha! I only meet them like once a year

when they celebrate my birthday for me. I remember the last time I met them was also for my birthday celebration.

I guess I must make an effort to meet up with them, especially on their birthday too. ;-P

2010 Birthday gift #8

Chee San gave me this box of truffle from Pennisular Hotel Hong Kong.
Really wanna thank him for always remembering my birthday every year. But I never remember his. Aiyoh! I'm so bad

2010 Birthday gift #7

Although it comes in a little black paper bag. But the content is going to pamper me.

Yippee! it's a gift voucher from Aramsa spa.
Thanks Siew Boon, I surely will enjoy the two hours of massage and facial.

2010 Birthday gift #6

Adeline brought this to my birthday celebration.
She said her elder sister asked her to bring this for me.

It was home-made dessert brewed by her. It was supposedly good for the complexion. Ha ha! I think I need plenty of it.

Birthday Celebration

My usual gang celebrated my birthday at PS Cafe @ Dempsey.
The restaurant is amidst the lush greenery,
and most of its walls are huge panel of glass, like a green house.

I love the ambience, there were plants and plenty of lilies in the restaurant.
And it was drown in warm light, really cosy.

Unfortunately, this dining place was really noisy. I actually felt quite annoyed by the din.

This was my birthday dinner that the gang bought me. Only an average tasting dish, for the price they are charging.

This is a unique birthday cake, lychee flavour.
I prefer their Chocolate cake, the one Sr Ling bought me.
Compare to the chocolate cake, this is really average.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 Birthday gift #5

Went to visit Sr Ling at her new place opposite Tampines Mall yesterday after work. And she bought me a chocolate birthday cake. The wholesome chocolate was so heavenly. It was not overly sweet and taste rather similar to Roche. She told me she bought it from a Patisserie at Tampines One.

It was really delicious and definitely sinful.

Reading under the sun

When I'm at the pool on weekend, I'm always too lazy to swim. Most of the time, I'll read something.

I'm reading a book about Audrey Hepburn. Cheri loan it to me. The book is about Audrey's perspective of life. Great for light reading.


One of my favourite past time is to laze by the pool and enjoy the sun. I've not done it for a while. It is really a dilemma. I love to wear a bronze colour tan but spending too much time in the sun is giving me pigmentation.

So, after a lapse of many months, I put on sun screen and headed for the pool. Yup, I still enjoy the carefree feeling.

2010 Birthday gift #4

Another birthday cake for me. And I'm really touched by Mei Feng who specially deliver the cake to my work place in the hot Friday afternoon. She was like so dehydrated when I saw her, and she was soaked in her prespiration.

Thanks Mei Feng from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday Bento

It was Thursday and I had received yet another Bento on my work desk.

I opened the Bento and a fresh fragrant of fried rice and sardine fish met my sense of smell. When I took the first mouthful of rice and sardine fish, I was surprised that it was still hot. I was impressed by the fried rice, it was fried to  the right texture and very tasty but yet not overbearingly salty. The sardine was fresh without the unpleasant fishy smell. I wondered what Siew Bon did to achieved this perfect dish.

I finished the whole Bento for breakfast.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Cute

Sunny looks so cute here, big head and tiny body.
He looks like when he was a baby.
This shot is a little blur, he just couldn't stop moving.

Shots from Lumix GF1

Lumix produces photos that are really sharp, the strands of fur could be seen clearly

Maybe I've not discover how to set its exposure, I find that the photos are a little under-exposed. I've to photoshop it to make the photos brighter.

Love this shot, I love the depth the 20mm len produced.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Birthday gift #3

This $1500 birthday gift is from myself. Decided going to reward myself. I've bought a few SLR but yet to find one that I'm satisfied with.
I've done my research and this Lumix GF1 is highly spoken of. I personly like its size, about half of the conventional SLR. Lumix GF1 is a micro four thirds system and thus drastically shed off the bulk and weight.
I was deliberating to either get the white or black but finally settled with red. They ran out of white at the expo sale and the black looks so standard. The red colour comes in mat finish which is an advantage over the white which is glossy. Further more I don't want to take the risk of geting the white which could turn yellow over time.
The red, like the white is one of the limited edition, so the sale men said.

2010 Birthday gift #2

Last week I received my second birthday gift  which was from Adeline. It was a facial session at Glow. The facial included diamond peal, crystal mask to hydrate my face and also some ampill to moisturize my skin.
The two hour session was rather relaxing. I especially like the massage on my neck. Don't think all these come cheap. Thanks Adeline for the wonderful treat.

2010 Birthday gift #1

This is my first birthday gift. It was handed to me last month when Lee Shan came back from Hong Kong. I roughly know what it is as it was mentioned in her birthday card.

It is a T shirt from GOD.
I'm saving it to be opened on my birthday.

The bamboo murderer

Have you ever re-potted bamboo before?
Ha ha, we tried and believe me, it was so laborious.
The roots of the bamboos are interwind so tightly that it was impossible to pull the bamboos apart. We have to remove some of the roots and now I'm just wondering whether the bamboos wil survive the trauma.
After two hours, the bamboos are still intact, and we threw down our towel. So now the bambos are sitting there stark naked without their pants, I mean pot.

Sofa nap

Sunny enjoying his nap on the sofa. Someone has to teach him how to sleep elegantly. Hmm ... But seriously, do we look elegant when we sleep?

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...