Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great design

I love the design of this tea bag.
Instead of a string, which would result in the tea bag dropping into the flask, this design has an opening which could clip on the handle of the flask thus preventing the tea bag from slipping into the flask.

Simple idea but ingenious.

Embrace the day with faith and courage

Love this pic!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reading glasses at a steal

I was shopping for reading glasses at Page One which was selling at $53.
I decided not to buy it as it didn't fit my face well. Fortunately for that cos I came across this pair which was only going for $2 at Daiso. And it looked better on me.

AOBA Hokkaido ramen

I just had my lunch at AOBA Hokkaido ramen, and I must say I just wasted my calories on the food.

Firstly, all the side dishes tasted horrible, something as simple as the sushi rice was also done badly.

The ramen was only average. The egg did not have the watery yoke.

I wouldn't visit it ever again.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5th BD gift

Lee Shan also got me this pair of sandals to go with the tee.

4th BD gift

This great looking tee was from Lee Shan. I love the print.

3rd BD gift

This wonderful gift came at the right time as not only Siew Boon gave me these, she also passed her sore throat virus to me.
Well I'm not complaining cos I got a day MC for that.

6th BD gift

Could you guess what is this for? It was from Jeff who loves to buy such cute but useless gimmick. He said it was for useless person like me. Haha!
Well, it is an iPhone rest.

7th BD gift

Wow! A Kindle!!!
What a fabulous gift from TK and Jessie, who is an avid reader.
Wonder what would my first e-book be?

My BD cake

And this was my birthday cake, lychee flavour!
Too sweet for me but really wanna thank Lee Shan and Siew Boon for ordering and collecting the cake from Patisserie.

8th BD gift

My colleagues bought me ice cream instead of birthday cake and celebrated my birthday for me.
We had a great ice cream feast that afternoon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art & Science Museum Singapore

I went to the Art and Science Museum for a free guided tour.

It's a rather small museum and currently there are only two exibits going on, Van Gogh and Dali exhibitions.

In Europe or in USA, one probably could spend at least half a day or a full day in the museums. Here, I only took about two hours, this reflects how minute the museum is compare with for example the Louvre.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the trip and having a guide actually made the visit very educational.


Friday, May 13, 2011

9th BD gift

This French Earl Grey from TWG is really fragrant and really makes your tea drinking experience a memorable one.

If you have not try it, it's a must try.
Thanks Mrs Lee for sharing your favourite tea with me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

GE 2011

A reflection from Siew Boon:
"My late grandfather was one of the harbour board workers carrying sacks of stuff walking on those planks that bridged between the dock n the boats. His family was not well off, they lived in a rented room in one of the shophouses at wat we call Boat Quay now. As a little boy, my father wore his school shoes during CNY coz the family could not afford a new pair of shoes. My father could only have one or two pieces of chicken during CNY, meat was a luxury for them. As a little boy, he also had to help out during weekends at a fruits stall to help sell fruits to earn a little more for the family. ...This is not part of a drama serial. This is a part of a true story that my father related to me. It is his true story. The resilience n hard work that our forefathers or our parents n grandparents have had in them are admirable, at least to me. At times, I doubt I could ever have dat kinda resilience they had. Times have changed, society has advanced, so has the way we see things. I
hope values have not... I thank n salute my grandparents n my parents for working so hard so that I can be what n who I am today. In pursuing n looking forward to the future, I do not want to forget my past. It could be scary if one day, everyone in our nation has forgotten where we came from n how we have arrived to where we are now as a small nation, that is terrifying to me... Hmm, I feel that MM Lee is a part of our history. His leadership style may not be relevant now but his character n leadership in the past have led the nation to where we are today. I believe he had struggled, was passionate n I believe is still passionate about politics. So is Mr Chiam. There's really lots to learn from politicians like them. I may not know much about politics but i think their spirits n passion in the things they do are really worthy of admiration. I certainly hope that as we progress n change as a nation, especially in the political arena, let us also not forget the great people
who have in one way or another brought us to where we are. Before I end this text, I also thank Mr George Yeo for his dedication n hard work for the nation... Sorry pple, yet another long train of thoughts but thank you for helping me to remind myself a little about my history  Good day everyone..."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd BD gift

Sr Ling bought me this box of cookies from Taka, same brand of cookies I bought her for her birthday last month.

It's expensive cookies, individually wrapped and very tasty.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Coffee bean by Dao

One of my favourite eating places in Thailand is Coffee Bean by Dao. This squid ink spaghetti in thick cream sauce is their signature dish.

There is a branch now in Singapore at Wisma Atrium known by the name of Coffee Star by Dao, that's what I heard from a friend.

I heard there's always a queue, it's getting very popular.

Thai salad

Spent my weekend in Thailand and had lots of fabulous food. This simple Thai salad was made heavenly by its dip.

1st BD present

I fell in love with this bag.

It looks exactly like the Prada's design, yet with a softer feel.

Love the colour too, it's greyish brown. Very rare colour.

A disciplined lifestyle

I've been doing my one-minute exercise routine for more than a year. I first started with one-min planking, now I've extended i...