Sunday, March 29, 2009

Re-birthday Dinner

Last night, we scheduled another dinner for Joyce to make up for the last one.
We still have Thai food, but this time round the food taste good.

We went to Thai Accent at Vivo.
The food taste quite authentic Thai food, but after the dinner, we were all very thirsty.
That was probably an indication that there is too much MSG.

So to quench our thirst, we proceeded to Rochor Tau Huey again for the Tau Huey Jui and You Cha Quey.
I still like the Tau Huey Jui, not too sweet and smooth soya bean taste, not too strong.
However, the You Cha Quey was not hot enough so was not as good as the previous time.

Still, I ate so much and really have over eaten. There goes my plan to slim down 4 kg by June.

Ah "Chek"

I went to the coffee shop on Saturday morning to have my breakfast.
The uncle serving coffee came up from my back and asked, " Ah chek, ai lim mai? " ( you want to drink anything in hokkien ) I vaguely heard him.

After I told him I wanted Kopi Siew Dai, I try to recall was it " Ah Chek " that he addressed me.

Hmm ... I mean, do I look like Ah Chek ( really old uncle )now?
or was it that he came from behind and didn't have a good look at me.
Or could it be that by addressing me as Ah Chek, he thought was polite.

A thousand thoughts went through my mind finding an excuse for being called an old uncle.
I am definitely in denial when comes to aging.
I mean, being called " uncle " is already bad enough, what more " Ah Chek ",
I am trying every possiblility to dismiss this one as an inaccurate judgement by the uncle serving the drinks.

How could I look like an " Ah Chek " when the day before somebody just thought I was in my thirties.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can Happiness be bought?

Can happiness be bought?

I bought a bottle of "Happy" at T2 as I was setting off to Bangkok.

Wanted to buy this for a long time as I love its refreshing citrus smell.
It really energise me in the morning, and do make me happy.

Others buy "Happiness" in the form of other products.
For Derrick and Billy, happiness is derived when they shop for branded goods,
and for me, my off the shelf "happiness" comprises of beautiful forms which I could sling over my shoulders.

One setback about such happiness derived from the exchanged with money is that it probably last only for a short while, after which we would have to continue our search for these happiness in other shopping malls.

For many, if you ask them what is their purpose in life,
they would likely to tell you that they are in search of a happy life.

If money can only buy momentary happiness,
then how should one acquire lasting happiness?

Have you thought about it or are you already enjoying the fruit of your search?


Hey! This pic was captured using my Sony digital camera.
The photo was not photoshopped.
Where had the head gone?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retail Theraphy

What happen when shoppaholics get together?
or even worse,
when the shoppaholics made a trip to the land of cheap shoppings, eating and massage.
These are the products after three days of retail theraphy.

Bangkok never fails to entice us with the varieties of T-shirts, bermudas and anything fashion.
Just can't stop buying and spending ...
of course till we ran dry of bahts

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Idol

Aaron Kwok is restaging his concert in Singapore this May.
I specially made a trip to Parkway this evening to book my tickets to see my idol.
I think it is thus far the most expensive concert tickets I have paid,
Cost me $300 for two tickets
I told myself if I don't see him now, I might not catch him at his best in the future.
Afterall, he is best known for his amazing showmanship
Looking forward to the concert, there's going to be a water runway which surrounds the revolving stage.
I've missed him last year, so definitely not going to do the same this year.
Yippee! I've got my tickets

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Colourful life

We were walking towards the car park after our coffee at Bread Toast at Centre Point, and we spotted this really colourful wall panel.
Can't help but stopped to take pictures against it.
The spectrum of colours perhaps also a portrayal of our differences in character and personality.
Like the colours, we were all different, yet when we are together, somehow it makes the friendship more colourful.
I was reading the weekly column of Dr Lee Wee Ling, MM Lee's daughter, at the pool side just now and would like to quote a paragraph of what she has written:
"With the wisdom of age, I have realised that time spent on interpersonal relationships may not be tangibly or materially productive, but goodwill between like-minded people, be they friends or relatives, has an intangible value. Friendship should not be taken for granted. We are not only there to support each other in bad times, but also to counsel, encourage, console each other - or celebrate together when the occasion arises."
So Joyce, we might not know what had happened but we certainly understand that you want to be alone now. It is the first time I went to a birthday dinner only to find the birthday girl not present. Nevertheless, we will celebrate again when your cheerful self is back and celebrate together when the occasion arises.

Tau Huey Jui

The Rochor Tau Huey is one of the famous supper haunt for most Singaporean.
We went there to have our supper last night and it was jam packed with people.
We were lucky and arrived there just in time when a table was clearing.
There were two stalls side by side, ran by the same family but apparently the brothers had became hostile rival.
I must say the You Cha Kuey was delicious.
Hot, chewy, fresh and not oily at all. The most important thing is that you don't get the burnt oil taste.

Highly recommended for the You Cha Kuey

SuanThai @ Killiney

We had dinner at SuanThai restaurant situated along Killiney Road.
It was a disappointing buffet dinner last night.
The food didn't taste authentic Thai food, just didn't have the mouth watering taste.
Even the papaya salad taste different, not enough seasoning.
The green curry was a disapppointment.
The most horrendous of them all was the curry fish, each of us took a bite and spit out the rest.
For $28 per head, I rather spend the same amount eating authentic Ala Carte Thai food at some other restaurant.

Highly NOT recommended

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode 1

I was so moved by the story of the debut episode of Yi Qie Wan Mei 2
If you were Alex, would you operate on a terminally ill patient who is dying of cancer? She is too weak to undergo any operation and might die on the operation bed.
Yet, wouldn't you want to just grant her the wish to restore her normal look again and allow her to hold her beloved daughter for the little remaining time she has?

I asked myself if I were Alex,
what would my decision be.

Just glad that I am not him, face with this dilemma

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have watched this before and I think it is the best horror movie in 2008
It was made up of 4 short horror stories and all are hair raisingly interesting.
I watched this with Siew Boon, the only friend who is gutsy enough to watch horror movie with me.
At the end of the 3rd story, the teenagers who was sitting behind me was relenting aloud that there was one more to go,
they were probably shitting in their pants.

I recently found out that Johnny, my colleague, had bought the DVD.
I told him I am going to his home movie studio to watch with him.
His home movie studio is as good as the cinema
and sound effect will scare the hell out of you, really no kidding.

Yi Qie Wan Mei 2

Even life is filled with so much disappointment
and so much misunderstanding
yet, I believe that life is beautiful depending on which angle we look at it.

I am so happy that the second season of Yi Qie Wan Mei, is debutting tonight.
It's one of the rare Media Corp series that i am so into watching.
It's about people to people relationship,
and disappointment and hope.

I am so going to watch it

Gossips kill relationship

A colleague told me another colleague was upset with me.
So I asked her what have I done.
She told me that I have parked at the other colleague's condo next to Parkway parade and brad about what I have done.

Was a little disappointed how perception by others can be so different from what I was trying to do

I was just reflecting about the whole situation just now,
reflecting whether i did announce to the whole world that I parked at my friend's place.

I know memory is failing me but I vaguely remember that
When I drove into the condo with two other male colleagues,
I didn't even disclose that it was our colleague that was staying here.
I just told them that a friend stayed here.

It was only when the rest, during lunch asked me where I parked,
one of the male colleauges who was with me disclosed that I had parked at the condo.
If I remember correctly, someone in the lunch group then mentioned that it was the other colleague's place.

All along, I was trying to avoid mentioning that our colleague is staying at the condo next to Parkway.
But somehow, I was viewed as boosting to the others.

Was even more disappointed when I found out who was the one saying that I was brading about my doing.
Always thought that she was trustworthy. Perhaps she did not expect that my colleague who stayed next to Parkway would be angry with me.
I guess I have to really watch myself in the future and be careful with how I carry myself.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Cough Mixture yogurt

Sometimes, things just amuse me
Anyone tasted this before?

I can't believe that Marigold actually created this drink that taste like
cough mixture!

No kidding, either the creator of this drink loves cough mixture
or he just has weird taste.

Perhaps everyone has different taste,
having tasted this,
I must say, it is not my cup of tea, or rather yougurt

Buy this only if you have a cough,
or only when you are too sick to think rationally

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