Thursday, June 30, 2011


The empty boxes are here and the date to move out of our present apartment is drawing nearer.

Really not looking forward to the packing and moving. I'm moving back to my small HDB 3-room flat. My friend's belonging still in my house and they took up a room. Then the HDB is building lift to my flat which I foresee is going to be very dusty. And it's not going to be completed any time soon.

Really not looking forward to it.

Dog biscuit

This is Sunny's snack biscuit.
I tried one myself and it tasted quite tasty.
Sweet not salty, crispy and a faint milk taste.


I got a surprised delivery this week.

Siew boon delivered lunch for Angeline and me. As usual she pack the lunch box full and I really stuff my face with it.

Even when I'm so full, I was still able to save some for dinner.

This was the best lunch this week.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sala Phuket

It has been a long time ago since I last make a trip to a beach resort.
I'm now at a nice beach resort in phuket known as Sala. It's practically lying on a nice cushioned deck chair under a pavilion reading my e-book. I'm now on my third book. I'm reading the Midnight Cowboy, which had been made into a movie starred Dustin Hoffman, I think.
For two days I've done nothing but relax and reading. I'm contented with such kind of holiday.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Have books will travel

I'm at Surin beach at Phuket now with sun, sand, huge waves and of course my kindle.

Idlic morning at the beach with rhythmic waves splashing on the shore, sipping a glass of tangerine juice and reading my second e-book, a thriller.

My first e-book

This is the first e-book I read from my kindle. The author, a Christian, had built her story around two Christian families. A light hearted book to read, somewhat like a romance comedy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Finally, I learnt from Jessie how to download Alwaysvpn and managed to download 14 free e-books into my kindle.
I spent my evening reading my e-books from my kindle. Reading is made easy, in the sense that meaning of words could be checked immediately at a touch of some buttons.
When I'm tired of one book, I could switch to another very conveniently.
The equipment is very light and so it is not so tiring holding it up to read in bed.
Just wish there were free magazines to download.

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