Thursday, December 31, 2009


As I age, I realize the inevitable sagging of facial skins, the formation of fats under my chin and formed the dreaded double chin. Lines on the face also become more prominent.

Another biological change I noticed was that every time I travel across to another continent at the other hemisphere, I will have severe jet lag.

When I returned from USA two years ago, I was unable to sleep for two weeks. This time after my return from London, I had similar experience.

For the first week after my return, I had to rely on sleeping pills. For the second week, I tried not to rely on the pills. That was when I could not sleep a wink eventhough I was physically and mentally exhausted. It went on for many nites. Two nights ago, during my nightly prayers, I also said a prayer for God to grant me some sleep for the night. And since then, I am able to fall asleep.

I really didn't like the experience and this will certainly be a deterrent for me to fly to somewhere of a different time zone in the future.

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