Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things and Places that left an impression

While in London, we went to watch a play, Priscilla, Queen of the dessert. The performance was excellence. Every scene was dazzled with very colourful costumes and it was really entertaining.

Portobello Road in London was a long stretch of road with little unique shops selling from antique to little deco stuff to 2nd hand goods to groceries. Lots of interesting things to see. What's more, the buildings that lined the road were very colourfully painted and the place was made famous by the movie Nottinghill.

The hot Chocolate in Europe is so thick and rich. The best was at Laduree in Paris. It was so memorable, unbeatable I would say.

We were lucky when we were in London. It snowed but only lightly, letting me experienced snow but yet now too heavy and cold.

We went to The Wolseley for an English afternoon tea. I love the scones with clotted cream and jam. Of course, it was heavenly when you down it with a cup of tea.

Breakfast at Cassy's place gave a feeling of home. I love the toast that she served with butter, marmalade, peanut butter and of course, a cup of tea.

This little artist corner is at the hill top of Mont Martyl in Paris. I was eyeing a small painting of a nude lady. The seller would not accept my offer of 50 euro, he was asking for 80 euro.

Having the well known macaroons at Laduree. The coffee served was also uniquely flavoured. The afternoon tea there left a great impression, it was so Paris.

I'm a coffee lover and the coffee in Europe is just so aromatic. Simply love the coffee there.

This French onion soup that we had in Paris was the best. It had lots of onion and the cheeze had a little burnt taste just enough to give it a perfect touch. The soup was not too salty and it was really heavenly drinking it in the cold weather.

The Lourve Museum is a must go when you are in Paris. It was majestic

The Lion Monument was tucked at one quiet garden in Luzern. It was so tranquil there and the stone Lion really look very sad. Siew Boon and I just sat there on a bench enjoying the peace and serenity and drinking hot tea.

Luzern, left a better impression for me compared to Basel, Bern and Zurich.

Siew Hoon's cozy little den felt like home when we were in Basel. I enjoyed the cooking with Siew Boon and having dinner together with the sister was like home away from home.

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