Friday, December 11, 2009

Meet Siew Boon's Sister

Know Siew Hoon as Siew Boon's sister for so many years.
When we were at Siew Boon's place, we would see her occasionally.

Staying at her place in Basel gave me a chance to know her better.

She's really an independent girl, with dreams and directions.
Top up with fun loving and easy going nature.
I think she enjoys life to the fullest.

I'm always excited to see what handbag she carries, oh, now she is carrying the Bottega.
The last time we met for a movie in Great World, I think she carried a YSL.
She just came from the gym and her YSL weighed like ten kilogram.
I suspected that she carried her own dumbbells.

Hope that she will make the trip down to Paris with us together.
Really would like to see the shopping queen and kings ( Derrick and Billy ) in action.

Siew Hoon, thanks for everything.
May you live your dream to the fullest and find meaning in life.

God bless


SiewHoon said...

Big Thanks for coming by and cooking dinner! :) Though I had some late nights at work, it is great to come back with you guys around. And I was laughing so hard while we used the Mac to take pics :) Hope the weather treats you well for the rest of your Europe trip!

M@rk said...

Siew Hoon

It is a pity that you can't take the weekend off. We miss you in Paris. Derrick shopped like crazy. He bought two pairs of shoes, YSL tote bag, 2 pairs of Hermes bracelets, a pair of jeans.

Hope to get to know you better if there is a next time. Wish you well in your next endevour.

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