Saturday, December 12, 2009



That is the colour of Switzerland these few days.
It has been raining yesterday and today, but thankfully it was just drizzle.
Bern and Zurich was gray, perhaps due to the overcast sky.
Was not in the mood to shop, so these two cities didn't really appeal to me.
Today, Siew Boon and I went to a nice cafe for lunch. It was the first proper lunch for us these few days. Most of the time, we just grab bread. Hot soup on a cold raining day was really nice. And of course, love the coffee. Even the MacDonald's here serves really good coffee.

Tonight is the last night in Switzerland.

Don't think I will visit Switzerland again, at least this is how I felt now.


Anonymous said...

HELLO! HIEN&yong&Siew Boon

this is yoshi&rika
thank for card!
Do you enjoy vacation?
It is very cold in japan.
wish you have a merry christmas.

with love

M@rk said...

Dear Yoshi and Rika, great to hear from both of u! it's very cold in Paris now too but it has been sunny. Have been doing lotsa shopping. We are heading to London tomorrow! Hope to see both of you when you pop by Singapore. Till we meet again, Merry X'mas and a great 2010!...:)Siew Boon

What the guys (Derrick n Mark) miss about Japan n both of u...your place, your homecooked food, shopping with Rika! Take care!

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