Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kobe 9 June

Today, we broke camp, not literally though as we were supposedly on a camping trip. It was raining the whole time the night before and we were glad that we managed to book a cabin for the second night of our camping trip. 

We headed straight to Kobe and was praying in my heart that we would not encounter an earthquake. That night, my friend text me that there were earthquakes in Japan and Greece, Athens. Thank God. 

First stop in Kobe was a restaurant which was converted from a church. Five of us shared three breakfast sets. 

Then it was shopping at Kobe Sannomiya in the afternoon. We went to Tomorrowland and just opposite, there was a building that has a level that sells cloth. And I bought $80 worth of cloth. 

By the time we reached home, it was about eight. Rika cooked us Yoshi's favourite pasta dish - Cod Roe Pasta. It was a simple dish but was delicious. 

Put the cod roe, some butter, a little cream and soy sauce in a big bowl, then put in the boiled linguini into the bowl and mix well. There you go, we have the delicious Cod Roe Pasta. 

Oishi neh!

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