Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Awaji Island 8 June

I survived the camp in the tent, waking up with a neck ache and suffering from restless sleep. 

Though it's summer, it's like Singapore's weather in December, cooling. 

We left the camp site for breakfast at a bakery cafe known as Posche, which serves sumptuous breakfast set at 500 Yen only. The breakfast comprised of toast with ham, mash potato, salad and coffee. We also ordered Ala carte assortment of bread. The bread were soft, chewy and flavorful. I always wonder why bread in Singapore always taste so different from these. 

After breakfast, we met up with Acco san who brought us to this garden. Not all flower beds were blooming with flowers, but the air was cooling and refreshing. 

Most of the afternoon was spent in a home run cafe having lunch and coffee. 

Dinner was good, we went to this supposedly the number one udon restaurant in Awaji. The soup bases were flavorful. We had duck and Yuzi, onion and beef soup and they all tasted different and of course very delicious. We also had 关东煮 and all cost us only 3000 over Yen. Gone are the days that people cry "expensive" in Japan. 

An unpleasant episode happened at the close of the day though, something which I thought will
Not happen in Japan. The beach bar waiter refused to let us use the toilet as we did not purchase anything from the bar. We were trying to avoid using the common toilet at the camp site. I was disappointed and really displease by this incident. 

What a way to close the day!!!

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