Sunday, June 7, 2015

6 June 2015 Osaka Day 1

We set off to Osaka today. 

When we arrived at Kansai Airport, it was already 9.15pm and to our shock, there were such a huge crowd at the immigration. 

We had to catch the last bus to meet Yoshi so that he didn't have to come all the way to the airport. 

At first, the queue inched forward as there were not many immigration counters open. But thank God, so more counters were opened and we also managed to be at the queue which cleared faster. 

Once cleared the custom, we dashed towards the luggage collection to grab our luggage and then made a run to the bus stop. 

While looking for an information counter to asked for direction, I spotted bus stops outside the airport. At last, we manage to be at the bus boarding point 15 minutes before time. 

The bus journey too us an hour which was faster than the scheduled duration by half an hour. Yoshi picked us at the station and we went to have supper at the usual Ramen place which served hot and cold Yuzi Ramen. Each bowl was only 800 Yen and the ramen was delicious. 

We slept only at 2 am after presenting our gifts to our ever friendly hosts and catching up a little. 

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