Friday, July 17, 2015

Breaking 70

For a long long time, my mass has never gone below the 70 Kg mark. 

Ever since Yoshi shared his secret to his weight loss, I have lost about 4 Kg. His weight loss regime is not as daunting as it seems at first, and I managed to stick to eat for a whole month. 

Weight loss regime:

Cycle 1:
First 3 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner on fruit and water only. Any kind of fruit and only drinking water. 

Next 4 days, breakfast on fruits, lunch and dinner eat normally starting with vegetable first. 

Repeat the cycle for another 3 times. 

After that will be just breakfast fruits and lunch and dinner normal starting we the consumption of vegetable first for each meal. 

Initially, thinking of not having my sinful chinese breakfast with my morning coffee will let me have withdrawal syndrome. However, I manage to survive that. The first week, I felt a little latargic at first then it was manageable until cycle four where I really crave for normal food again. 

I'm not the only living example the this regime works, some of my friends who tried it have lost at least 3 Kg. 

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